Employee Mandate Resources

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Welcome to the help and resource page for employees who are feeling pressure from their employer to get any kind of vaccination or other medical procedure. Note that I am not a lawyer, so check in with your lawyer on this information.  While I’m not a lawyer, I am a research nerd, so I’m good…

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App Sale!

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Welcome and Congratulations! You now get the acclaimed X Gym App for a huge discount! Just follow the steps below to get three months for 1/2 off! Then after that, it will renew at the regular rate of $28.95 until you cancel. Why 3 months? Because that gives you enough time to get used to…

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Habit Hackers

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Coming soon! Oh, and it will be magnificent! PJ is working feverishly to finish his habit hackers course sometime by the end of February (maybe sooner), so check back here soon!

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Habits Course Hacks

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What: Now that you have made it through the habits course, you understand the mechanics of how habits work and the techniques of breaking and forming them, so now it’s time to learn some habit hacks! These will be useful shortcuts to get you results faster, but also to make it easier, and most importantly,…

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The X ToolboX- Eastside X Gym

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The X ToolboX- The X Gym is a great place for one-on-one training and group training, using the Xclusive methods developed by PJ Glassey, but did you know about the many other hacks, tips, tricks, shortcuts and tools PJ has developed over the years, dating back as far as 1987, when he first got started…

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Bus Stop Fitness Hack

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Pressed for time? No time to work out? Fitness hacks can be found anywhere if you keep your eyes open to them and set your Reticular Activating System on alert to notice new opportunities. Here’s just one Xample to get your own brain juices flowing.

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