The X ToolboX- Eastside X Gym

The X ToolboX-

The X Gym is a great place for one-on-one training and group training, using the Xclusive methods developed by PJ Glassey, but did you know about the many other hacks, tips, tricks, shortcuts and tools PJ has developed over the years, dating back as far as 1987, when he first got started studying the research?

Here are some Xamples of these tools and how you can get your hands on them to achieve fitness and health faster, easier and more permanently than you ever thought possible:

1.) The Eastside X Gym is a private Xercise studio, offering one-on-0ne personal training and group training using the Xclusive methods developed by PJ Glassey, X Gym founder. Price: $388/month for personal training and $145/month for group training.

2.) Live, online personal training through your phone, from the convenience of your home, a gym, hotel room while traveling, or anywhere in the world with a strong cellular or WiFi connection. Price: $335/month (free for Eastside X Gym members).

3.) The X Gym Xercise App provides guided Xercise through videos and coaching from PJ. Price: $28/month (free for Eastside and online X Gym members).

4.) The Brain Type Test determines your unique brain type and then gives you specific recommendations of the style of Xercise that will be best for you, brain tricks to get healthier, habit hacks, shortcuts for making permanent lifestyle changes, and more. Price: $39 (free for Eastside and online X Gym members).

5.) PJ’s book, “Cracking Your Calorie Code” is a brain dump of his years of research into exercise science, nutrition science, and brain science, describing how to get healthier and fitter faster than you ever thought possible. Price: $19.98 on Amazon.

6.) The DVD for those who prefer offline training takes you through a full-body workout, plus some brain tips at the end. Price $19.98 through the X Gym, or by emailing to order a copy.

7.) The seven-week HABITS course takes you through structured, easy steps to create new healthy habits for life, as well as how to easily break those old habits with secret brain training tricks that rewire your brain to think and act like a fit and healthy person with less effort and willpower than you ever imagined! Price: $77 (free for Eastside and online X Gym members). Email for more information.

8.) Lectures, keynotes, and workshops by PJ, on location, spanning dozens of different health and fitness topics. Email for custom pricing, depending on location, subject, duration, etc.

9.) Individualized health and fitness coaching by PJ, either in person or online, to transform your life, health, fitness, and achieve your goals based on all his best techniques, customized for each person. Price: $3,500/month for the full program with all the tools and techniques, or $288 per hour for Q&A guidance. Email for more information.

10.) The free X Gym recipe site offers recipes that are easy to make, fast to prepare, and amazingly delicious. Be sure to look up the Fitness Chocolate recipe while you’re there because it’s a FAT BURNING formula for healthy eaters that serves as a snack, dessert, or just to scratch that sweet tooth itch or satisfy a chocolate craving. The best part is it only takes 10 minutes to make and the ingredients are all on, with handy hyperlinks embedded in the recipe.

11.) The blogs and vlogs are resources for you to get the latest info and truth on current topics. These will help reduce the noise and confusion of all the random media reports and trends you might be seeing or reading about. Here’s the personal blog and vlog and here’s the X Gym blog.

12.) Social media posts will inform and inspire you to be your best, healthiest, happiest, and fittest version ever! Here’s the X Gym Instagram, PJ’s personal Instagram, the X Gym Twitter account, the X Gym YouTube channel, the personal YouTube channel, the X Gym Facebook page, and the personal Facebook page. Just follow your favorites!

13.) BEI Machine This machine is the gold standard in measuring body composition. It not only tells you your percent body fat and body water, but it also segments your lean tissue and fat tissue by right arm, left arm, trunk, right leg, left leg, and visceral fat. Price: $58 per test (free for Eastside and online X Gym members).

14.) The VIP list. Newsletters are old school. Our VIP list gets you the latest and greatest information on research, health, nutrition, fitness, insider news, discounts, and X Gym events. If you do only one thing on this page, sign up for this today!