The X Gym Difference

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Ben Franklin

Are you tired of spinning your wheels with traditional training? Do you start out strong in January with your New Year's resolution only to peter out by March because of diminishing returns? You're not alone! Why are millions of people still settling for little to no results year after year with conventional exercise? The answer is simple: traditional training methods were invented in 1891 and have gone virtually unchanged since. This is why the X Gym's methods were created. Our 7 different methods (protocols) were invented by us based on the latest research in exercise science, and have been tested on hundreds of people since 1988 to produce 2-3 times the results of traditional training in less than 1/3 the time!

Our system is different than anything you have tried and is only available at the X Gym. Each protocol emphasizes a different muscle fiber type and energy system that gives you well-rounded fitness without the typical plateaus. Results come faster and more safely than with any other form of training. Another X Gym asset is our continuous protocol development system which ensures updates and upgrades when new and better research comes out, keeping us in front of all other exercise studios and methods.

X Gym produces faster results in less time because of our unique multi-protocol concept. All other systems use only one method. They may change the exercises or weight emphasis, but they still exercise the same way after each program change. Using one method or protocol causes eventual plateaus and stagnation no matter how often the exercises are changed. Merely changing the exercises, volume, or number of reps and sets is not enough. The X Gym is the first multi-protocol facility in the world and is truly a revolution in exercise.

Performing repetitions at the same speed and style all the time uses a very narrow path in muscle energy systems and fiber types. The muscle cannot become fit in a comprehensive way if the style does not change along with the exercises. X Gym protocols provide this much-needed variety. Some repetitions are slow, others are fast. One has an isometric base, some emphasize endurance, and others improve strength. Whatever the protocol, the duration for that particular method never exceeds 7 weeks. This keeps the neurological, biological, and muscular systems in a constant state of improvement instead of stagnation.

We pride ourselves on being the antithesis of traditional gyms in many other ways as well. Think of everything you hate about the gym you frequent (or the reasons you quit), and you will find that X Gym offers the opposite. Some examples are clean, new equipment and facilities (that don't smell like sweat), membership caps (so the schedule doesn't fill up), a 2 person room limit-each with their own trainer (so overcrowding is never a problem), no pressure sales (we don't even take money on the intro visit), and actual qualified trainers, to name just a few.

X Gym is also a drug-free facility and does not heavily push supplements as the mega-gyms do.  We simply promote proper nutrition through whole foods and provide no-nonsense high-intensity personal training. We do, however, highly recommend Hudor.

There are a few nearby gyms that popped up and attempted to duplicate our concept and success. Even though they were started by past X Gym members and staffed by past X Gym trainers, true originality cannot be copied. Now we know firsthand what they mean by, "Imitation is the highest form of flattery." If our idea didn't work as well as we claim, no one would be trying to copy us! If you want the best training and methods available for the best value, come to the X Gym. We have been the forerunners and the original multi-protocol gym since 1998 as well as the most economical form of personal training.

This is an extremely cursory explanation of a very in-depth system. Further elaboration here on the public web would put our trade secrets and proprietary material at risk. Above you will find a chart comparison of our methods compared to the other popular systems.

For more information on why we are different, the science behind our methods, and other topics related to this page, see our Articles Section or Research Bibliography page.