About Us

The X Gym exercise methods (protocols) have been in development since 1988, when PJ Glassey first started experimenting with new fitness concepts while getting his degree in Exercise Science from Seattle Pacific University. PJ found the research in the field to be generally new back then, so the motivation of being a "pioneer" and excitement through innovation drove his quest to find a better way.

When PJ graduated in 1989, he became an in-home trainer to clients who served as eager "guinea pigs" to help him develop his unique system. Every time he came up with a new and more effective method, it required less time and delivered better results, so naturally PJ's business grew rapidly through referrals from happy clients. In order to scale himself and take on more clients, he took it to the public through the X Gym in 1998, with the help of his original client and close friend Melissa. Now with trainers to help, more people could be trained and with that came growth, expansion and new facilities.

The multi-protocol system is still being perfected today and always will be improved upon as long as new research keeps being produced in the field. PJ spends an average of 10+ hours each week studying the research and making sure he finds all the latest and greatest studies that have come out. With this knowledge, he is constantly innovating and experimenting with new methods in a quest to improve the system even more.

21 Minutes, twice a week is all it takes to achieve amazing fitness with the unique X Gym system, both with our one-on-one personal training and in our group training format. This system has several key components that combine synergistically to create the legendary results X Gym is famous for:

  • 7 strength training exercise protocols to draw from, so clients get a new protocol every seven weeks for maximum variety.
  • 28 splinter techniques to choose from, designed to get clients past complete fatigue at their own level (based on their individual fitness level and experience), for maximum safety and results.
  • Cardiovascular improvement (beyond traditional cardio training).
  • Endurance results (faster than traditional training).
  • Strength gains (at about 2-3 times the rate traditional training produces).
  • Toning (without bulking).
  • Maximal fat burning and metabolic response through the unique nature of the workouts.
  • Brain training (to help you rewire your brain so you think like a fit person!).
  • Nutrition guidance (also based on the latest research).
  • Accountability (because you have an appointment!).

The X Gym trainers are far and away the best personal trainers and group trainers in the field. Besides being certified independently, each trainer must complete the extensive internship process to be certified by the X Gym in its own unique exercise system. Because of the focus and intensity of our methods, the trainers are also hyper focused on you - making sure your form and protocol performance is maximized 100% of the time during your 21 minute session. If you like chit-chat, small talk or discussing life issues with your trainer, the X Gym is not for you. That would be the job of a traditional trainer. If however, you want to work to 110% of your particular fitness level for a solid 21 minutes, to get results as fast as possible, we are here to help make that happen!

Our niche is short, safe, effective, high intensity training, but you don't have to be in great shape to start at the X Gym . We adjust to you and then you adjust to the system as you progress towards the best shape of your life.

Lastly, our trainers are specifically taught how to train anyone from 9 to 99, from obese to fit and from professional athletes to weekend warriors. We are truly meant for all people.