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X Gym Pushup Problem Solution!

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Traditional training pushups are fast, ballistic, and high rep, putting your shoulders at risk for muscle tears, tendonitis and more. Here’s the solution! Slow-motion keeps you in contraction longer, which we refer to as Time Under Tension (TUT) Staying low at the top cuts out all rests, keeping you in TUT. Using carpet slider and…

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Using your dishwasher for a home ab workout

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X Gym does it again with another Xcellent Xample of how your dishwasher can be an Xercise machine for a home ab workout. No more endless crunches or sit-ups! This one takes only a few minutes to get an Xtreme burn.  

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Bus Stop Fitness Hack

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Pressed for time? No time to work out? Fitness hacks can be found anywhere if you keep your eyes open to them and set your Reticular Activating System on alert to notice new opportunities. Here’s just one Xample to get your own brain juices flowing.

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sunday funday x gym seattle alki kirkland

Sunday Funday At X Gym

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John is my main guinea pig because he’s an Xperienced Xgymer and always game for anything. We meet most Sundays for “Sunday Funday” where we experiment with new exercises and fitness approaches.  When the club is closed, we work together to Xperiment with Xercises and come up with new, Xtreme, and safe functional movement patterns.…

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X Gym Xercise App

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All it takes is 21 minutes, twice a week, to achieve Xtraordinary fitness, using X Gym’s Xtremely safe and effective Xercise methods developed by PJ Glassey, X Gym founder and exercise scientist. Follow the pre-built workouts or build-your-own workouts from the Xtensive Xercise video library. You will also receive X Gym’s Xclusive health and fitness…

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Online Personal Training

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Our location in Kirkland Washington is where the locals go who want one-on-one personal training, but if that’s not convenient, we do live online one-on-one training with clients all over the world too! If you are wondering how X Gym online personal training works, just click the video below. If you already know how it…

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