Sunday Funday At X Gym

John is my main guinea pig because he’s an Xperienced Xgymer and always game for anything. We meet most Sundays for “Sunday Funday” where we experiment with new exercises and fitness approaches.  When the club is closed, we work together to Xperiment with Xercises and come up with new, Xtreme, and safe functional movement patterns. Check out our video to see what “Sunday Funday” really means at X Gym:

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We would love to offer you a free Xercise session to learn more about our revolutionary fitness system, whether that be at our Eastside location in Kirkland Washington, or through our online Xperience where we can train you anywhere you choose, anywhere in the world! Because the X Gym system is so different, and frankly, opposite from all other forms of training, an initial one-on-one session is necessary before you begin our program so you can feel for yourself if our style is a fit for you.


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