4 minute stretching routine

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X Gymers are busy people, so we are great at condensing the workouts while Xpanding the benefits and results, but did you know we are also Xperts at stretching routines? Most X Gymers don’t stretch. And maybe they don’t need to. Flexibility is built-in to the X Gym workout, so people do become more flexible…

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Metabolism Day Freebies

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Congrats on joining us for X Gym’s first Xclusive Metabolism Day! To get your freebies, follow the steps below: 1.) Click here to go to the Metabolism Day page and sign up for metabolism Day (if you haven’t already). 2.) If you want the free BEI test, email pj@xgym.com and let him know you’re signed…

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Metabolism Day

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It’s a Party and You’re Invited! See the graphic below for the details on the lab panel blood draw (it’s super quick and easy), testing your metabolic biomarkers. You will learn crucial information about your metabolism and health, so you can target any issues through tweaking your exercise, lifestyle habits, and nutrition to optimize it…

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Why did lockdown weight gain hit Millennials the hardest?

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Remember back in March 2020, when the politicians told us the initial lockdown would take “Just two weeks to flatten the curve?” Well, we all know that turned into more weeks, then months, and then letting up, and then locking down again, much like a conditioning schedule in an experimental lab. This is why many…

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The Neuroscience of Thanksgiving

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We all know that Thanksgiving is a time for being grateful. This year might be the most challenging as we find new COVID-friendly ways to celebrate the holidays, likely without your favorite traditions and favorite people. But with change comes an opportunity to focus on what we do have. Practicing gratitude is simply taking time to…

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Burnout Busters

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Big time burnout is building with our new COVID-forced work from home society now. People are taking fewer vacations, less breaks, and working longer hours at home than they did at the office. Parents are trying to juggle the stuff they have to get done for work with the stuff kids have to get done…

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