X Gym® 21 Minute Workout Program

Seattle's premier one-on-one personal training facility specializes in high-intensity workouts requiring only 21 minutes, twice a week to achieve optimum fitness. Our use of advanced, safe and exclusive exercise techniques, combined with the most effective equipment available and the best nutrition guidance, produce unsurpassed results. The X Gym is the answer to the fitness goals you have been striving for.

We offer three training options: The Eastside gym, online personal training, and the X Gym App.

X Gym has proven its superiority in all areas of fitness. Here are some examples:

Training at the X Gym twice a week for just two months typically produces results comparable to an entire year of conventional personal training requiring an hour, three times a week. That's a total of 6 hours at the X Gym compared to 156 hours of conventional training!

Most of us do not have much time to spare. There are even fewer people who actually enjoy spending hour upon hour in the gym. For those of us who have a life and want to get back to it ASAP, X Gym is the answer. As you can see from the chart below, our methods get you in and out faster, and with better results. This gives you more time to enjoy life and your fitter, healthier body!

See the photos that prove the results are real!