High Intensity Training

Our techniques are scientifically designed for both high intensity and safety. Some people associate high intensity training with a high rate of injury, but not at the X Gym ! Our techniques, called Triple Sevens, are the most intense protocols as well as the safest. These techniques are the wave of the future. There are a total of seven different protocols, and each protocol is followed for seven weeks. If at the end of the seven weeks that particular protocol is mastered, the client graduates to the next one. If not, they persist until they reach mastery.

Strict adherence to these superior techniques is how X Gym clients get results that surpass conventional exercise protocols. Each technique is specifically designed to target a certain muscle fiber type and energy system. In 21 minutes every major muscle group gets a workout equivalent to about 2-4 hours of conventional training!

Our clients are more than just members. They are students. Our trainers are instructors teaching each client the skills necessary to master these new protocols. Each protocol is more advanced than the next, and progression happens with time and proficiency. Our clients end up with the skills for self-sufficiency instead of becoming dependent on us. The system our clients learn empowers them to continue realizing superior fitness results for the rest of their lives whether they are with us or not!

X Gym will always be ahead of its time. This means change. The seven techniques used now will not necessarily be the same next year or even next month. In fact, Triple Sevens is updated with a new and better protocol about every seven months! If a better technique comes along, X Gym will be the first to implement it, therefore assuring our clients the best workout anywhere! Our research and development philosophy is simple and can be summed up with the following statement: "Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you sit there long enough."