Have you ever wondered what your first workout would be like at the X Gym? This video will show you what that session would be like, so you can see if the safe X Gym style and unique methodology is something that would seem like a fit for you.

Real Results!

Karen becomes Wonder Woman!

Hi PJ Mini Wonder Woman here. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy JR and Clayton and communicate how immensely their guidance has helped me. I DID MY VERY FIRST PUSH-UP TODAY!! LIKE EVER! Clayton encouraged me. All the arm work done at X-GYM made it possible.  I thought I would be lucky to […]


Deb lost 22 lbs, untold inches and traded fat for muscle!

How did she do it? Exercised with X Gym protocols. Drank plenty of water each day. Ate a nutritious, well balanced diet prescribed by the X Gym. Deb is an X Gym graduate who continued to enjoy improvement and progress after she left through the skills and methods she learned from us. All our clients […]


Taz lost 40 pounds of fat in just 12 weeks!

Individual results vary, but everyone experiences success at the X Gym. If you are through “spinning your wheels” at conventional gyms with outdated protocols and trainers, now is the time to give the X Gym a try!