Science 2020

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You may have noticed that “science” has changed a lot since COVID hit the headlines and I’d like to remind you what it was prior to all this lest we forget altogether. In fact, I’ll let two prominent liberal scientists do it for me: Since COVID, we’ve had an all-out attack on science. The greatest…

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Buffing Up Your Won’t Power

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You’ve all heard of willpower. This is the energy you use when you DO something But have you heard of “Won’t power?” This is the energy you use to NOT do something Both use energy from the same part of the brain – the prefrontal cortex (PFC), which is the part of your brain that…

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Brain Training at X Gym

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You’ve heard of muscle and body training, which we certainly do better than anyone at X Gym, but one of the unique additional things that set us apart from other gyms is our brain training aspect. What’s brain training you ask? Well, our methodology and functional movement patterns is one way we do it, but…

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Biohacking at X Gym

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PJ, X Gym founder, and exercise physiologist is also a scientist and a biohacker. What’s a biohacker you ask? The official definition is “Somebody who uses science and technology to make his or her body function better and more efficiently.” Still wondering what that means? You’re not alone. The videos below (more added every week)…

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Does snow stop the Kirkland X Gym from opening? Psssh – no way! How about a Zombie apocalypse, false flag event, or power outage? Nope. We’ll be open. The only times we are closed is a major holiday announced in advance, so come on in! If you can’t make it in for whatever reason, we…

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Is saturated fat unhealthy?

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Finally, we see credible, intelligent, and eloquent sources speaking out against nutritional misinformation campaigns we have been forced to endure for decades. This post is about the myth/lie that saturated fat is unhealthy. If you want to read a great book on the topic, click here to see how to buy The Clot Thickens by Dr,…

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