X Gym Pushup Problem Solution!

Traditional training pushups are fast, ballistic, and high rep, putting your shoulders at risk for muscle tears, tendonitis and more.

Here’s the solution!

Slow-motion keeps you in contraction longer, which we refer to as Time Under Tension (TUT)

Staying low at the top cuts out all rests, keeping you in TUT.

Using carpet slider and keeping your hands wide, makes them want to slide out, so you are forced to isometrically pull your hands in toward each other, which activates the pecs more, for a better balance between the pecs, shoulders, and triceps.

Going until Complete Muscle Fatigue (CMF) is where strength comes from, so with this, you get all the intensity of high-intensity training (HIT), but with all the safety of low intensity!

Check it out below and lots of others on our Youtube channel!