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Welcome to the help and resource page for employees who are feeling pressure from their employer to get any kind of vaccination, treatment, or any other medical procedure.

Take heart! Employers cannot force this on you or mandate it in any way for continued employment. Our constitution stays so. That is what “inalienable rights” mean. You have an inalienable right to be in charge of your body and your health. No employer, government, or law enforcement officer overrules you. Period.

Our politicians know this and publicly admitted it over and over until Biden went back on his word in September of 2021. Then they all changed their tune, but the law and constitution didn’t change.

See for yourself in the video below:

Now let’s get started on your journey to protect your health, rights, and liberty.

First, let’s start with some helpful facts:

Title 7 Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 explains why employers may not discriminate against employees who do not follow government mandates (which are not actually law). It also discusses a hostile work environment, harassment, and more, for employers who do choose to illegally attempt to enforce those mandates. Your employer also cannot have a company policy that violates this law. For employees who notify their employer of a religious exemption, section 12 specifically protects them, and then scroll down that page to see all the lawsuits already won by employees in related cases.

You Have A Legal Right To Be Properly Informed before you consider granting your consent. Your employer is obligated to satisfy the legal requirements for informed consent by answering any questions employees have (scroll down for the list of questions). Any employer who attempts to mandate a medical procedure is responsible for satisfying the requirements for informed consent and documenting it properly as an arbiter of the mandate.

If You Are A Member Of A Union, mandates constitute a change to the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that establishes the professional relationship between employer and union labor. Any changes to the CBA without the consent of the union are employer violations of contract law.

All Current Vaccines Are Still Experimental, so under 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3, mandating the use of experimental products is prohibited (a.k.a. illegal). No employer or government agency can legally mandate experimental vaccines that are still in clinical trials, including the “approved” Pfizer vaccine, which isn’t even available yet, under the “approved” brand Comernity.

REMINDER: The FDA “approved” a FUTURE product named Comirnaty that currently is unavailable. All vaccines being currently administered are still the same experimental formulas that are in clinical trials. As such, what is available at this point is still only AUTHORIZED under Emergency Use Authorization – NOT APPROVED.

Next, here are some recommended steps to take with your employer, based on my research, to protect yourself and your job. These steps can also help you take a stand for your rights and liberties as a free citizen of the United States.

  1. Do Not Quit Under Any Circumstances! Instead, elongate the process and document every communication with your employer via email. Do not attempt to communicate verbally as that would have no substance should you need to go to court. If they insist on a verbal meeting, inform them it will be recorded. In most states, you only have to tell them you are recording. They don’t have to agree. This is why phone companies simply tell you it may be recorded and don’t phrase it in the form of a request for permission.
  2. Ask Your Employer The List Of Questions Below via Email. Since your employer will be unable to answer each of the questions below, then informed consent has not been satisfied under the law and your right to refuse is valid.
  3. Send The Constructive Notice And Warning To Your Employer via Email. Start with a simple email saying something to the effect of, “You may not be aware of the liability exposure to the company for enforcing mandates, so I wanted to make sure you knew because I don’t want anything bad to happen to this company! Attached is a notice outlining those risks and also the summary of that notice, to make it easier to understand.” Then download this notice and this summary as PDFs and attach them to that email.
  4. Notify Your Employer via Email That You Are Declining the experimental vaccine because they were unable to satisfy their legal requirement to fulfill informed consent and prove its safety and efficacy (by not answering the list of questions below). As a result, you can state that you are now following the guidelines of the equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC section 12) which states that employers are required to honor personal belief/religious exemptions.
  5. Turn In Your Personal Belief/Religious Exemption via Email. Do not “submit” it. This is a notification. Then tell them you will be looking forward to hearing back on how they will be making reasonable accommodations per EEOC section 12 for you if necessary. You’re not asking anyone for an exemption, you’re already exempt. What you’re asking about is what accommodations they will be providing you because of your exemption. Next, if they attempt to force you to “prove” your faith, you are not required to do this. That is protected under the United States Bill Of Rights and EEOC section 12. Your employer doesn’t get to “approve” your exemption or not approve it. They are required to accept it and then, in turn, provide reasonable accommodations under the law.
  6. Notify Your Employer via Email that any attempt to terminate your employment will be viewed as a wrongful termination based on illegal personal belief and religious discriminatory practices. If you feel that a hostile workplace is being created, or discrimination is being experienced, you will first file formal complaints with local and federal offices, and if necessary, will defend yourself in court to the fullest extent of the law.
  7. If You Have a Work Contract Ask To See The Section You Signed that allows for vaccine mandates or testing, via an email back to you. If no contract, ask to see the official company policy and the date it was officially entered into the company policy documents via an email back to you (announcements and mass emails don’t count). Note: even if you don’t have a contract with your employer, and they just created a new company policy, you still don’t have to comply because creating a policy that violates federal law is illegal.
  8. File A Hostile Workplace Complaint with your State agency and the EEOC if you feel any undue pressure. Then document as many occurrences as possible with recordings or emails.
  9. File A Discrimination Complaint (medical, or religious, or both) with your State agency and the EEOC if you feel any discrimination. Then document as many occurrences as possible with recordings or emails (your lawyer will absolutely love you for following these steps – especially the last two – which makes lawsuits much easier to win if you are fired).

Do not submit to testing either. This is also a medical procedure they are not allowed to mandate. You can also ask what accommodations they will be providing you if you choose to refuse testing. Do not ask IF they will be making accommodations. Ask WHAT accommodations they WILL be making for you.


Many employers ignorantly contend that your right to refuse is invalid due to the recent FDA “approval.” As stated above, what the FDA actually approved was a product (Comirnaty) that is currently unavailable. Even if it was available, informed consent still must be fulfilled before any vaccine can be administered as the arbiter of the mandate.

Here is the list of statements and questions to submit to your employer in order to fulfill their legal obligation of informed consent (click here to see source):

  1. You are required to disclose any and all potential conflicts of interest (COI) including public and personal investments in the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing COVID vaccines, as well as COIs via private contracts with the local, state, and federal government. Can you please provide the full list of any financial conflicts of interest? Have you received any money from any government agencies to promote COVID vaccinations? Have you received any money from pharmaceutical companies or subsidiaries to promote COVID vaccinations? Do you receive any money from any government agencies or pharmaceutical companies that incentivize the administration of COVID vaccinations? Are you avoiding any potential fines or penalties from any government agencies in exchange for fulfilling their mandate requirements?
  2. I have a right to medical privacy. If I elect to get the shot, will my right to keep my vaccination status private be honored?
  3. Who is liable if I get injured or am unable to work? How long will it take me to receive injury compensation?
  4. Will my consent to get the shot terminate my life insurance policy or any benefits I may be entitled to if I’m injured or killed by these vaccines still in clinical trial?
  5. Can you please provide the full breakdown of post-inoculation death and injury reports in the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) and any other surveillance systems? How many people have died? How many people have been permanently disabled? How many people have experienced life-threatening events? How many people have been hospitalized? How many people have needed urgent or emergency care? How many babies have been miscarried?
  6. What is the potential gain of benefit vs risk of injury in my age demographic if I get the shot? What are the specific benefits if I get the shot? What are the specific risks? Is there a risk of death or permanent disability if I get the shot? What are the other current warnings for each experimental vaccine?
  7. If I’m injured, how do I ensure a healthcare professional reports my injury to VAERS?
  8. What long-term data (36+ months) is available on how many people have developed autoimmunity, infertility, or similar debilitating conditions after getting the shot?
  9. Which federal laws prevent me from suing vaccine manufacturers in civil court?
  10. Can you provide a complete ingredient list for the shot? Which ingredients are carcinogenic, mutagenic, or teratogenic? Which of them have been classified as toxins, poisons, or dangerous for human consumption by the US EPA and/or International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)?
  11. Will this shot protect me against all variants?
  12. Can I still get COVID and transmit the infection even if I’m fully vaccinated?
  13. What is antibody-dependent enhancement(ADE)? How will I know if I am experiencing it? Is ADE something that can happen to me if I get the shot?
  14. There are many peer-reviewed scientific papers supporting the use of Monoclonal Antibodies, Ivermectin, Vitamin D, C, A, Zinc, and Hydroxychloroquine. What treatment options exist should I elect to use my civil right to refuse this inoculation?
  15. The vaccine companies clearly state on their documents submitted to the FDA that I have the right to refuse their product. Why are you choosing to overrule their statement and are you aware of what that does to your level of risk and liability?

Bonus statement and questions for those who have had COVID:

  • I’ve had COVID and recovered, and the scientific literature shows that I now have ‘long-term, robust, broad, and durable’ immunity, including protection against variants.
  • Why am I required to be vaccinated against something I already have immunity against?
  • Who would I be a threat to, as not one case of reinfection or transition has been reported among the confirmed naturally immune (including the variants), especially compared to the countless cases of infection and transmission reported among the vaccinated (including the variants)?
  • Am I eligible to prove my immunity using EUA approved antibody and/or T-cell tests? If not, why?

P.S. Remember that mandates are not law and the US government does not have the authority to enforce these mandates – and they know it – as admitted in the video above. The vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued by you for adverse reactions, or by your family, in the case of your death because of a law passed in 1986. Neither can your government be sued, even if you get the shot because you were pressured, coerced, or felt forced because of other laws and the current Emergency Use Authorization. So, they are trying to get your employer to force you, knowing that your employer CAN be sued by you or your family. Your government is throwing them under the bus, knowing you can sue them into bankruptcy, while the government sits back safely protected behind their many layers. You might want to point your employer to this page for a summary on this, especially if you care about them and want them to stay in business.

For a “Second Opinion” on all this, and for similar steps to take, click here.

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