Top 7 Internet Health Searches

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Here are the top 7 internet searches from people looking to research their own health questions from natural or alternative health sites such as Mercola.com, instead of merely doing what they are told by Western medical practitioners. Researching your own health issues and looking at both sides is the only way to find your own…

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X Gym Xercise App

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All it takes is 21 minutes, twice a week, to achieve Xtraordinary fitness, using X Gym’s Xtremely safe and effective Xercise methods developed by PJ Glassey, X Gym founder and exercise scientist. Follow the pre-built workouts or build-your-own workouts from the Xtensive Xercise video library. You will also receive X Gym’s Xclusive health and fitness…

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Online Personal Training

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Our location in Kirkland Washington is where the locals go who want one-on-one personal training, but if that’s not convenient, we do live online one-on-one training with clients all over the world too! If you are wondering how X Gym online personal training works, just click the video below. If you already know how it…

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Top 4 New Year’s Fitness Resolution Tips

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Most people make New Year’s resolutions and 97% fail; which is why I’m here with the top 4 New Year’s fitness resolution tips that will help you in your journey. Resolutions are great. They really do work if they are implemented properly and the goals are set correctly, but the brain usually gets in the way.…

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Online Training Option

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Have you ever missed a workout for one reason or another that could have been solved if you had the option of training where you were, instead of having to drive the X Gym? We can now help you with that through online training! Clients have found this useful for: Xpected bad traffic (i.e. construction…

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New brain typing technology!

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I’ve learned a lot since starting the X Gym in 1998. Since then, and even before that, I’ve averaged about 2 hours per day studying research in exercise science and nutrition science. And then, since the year 2000, when my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I threw myself into studying brain science as well.…

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