Globesity Kills

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It’s not just America. Our whole world is getting sicker and fatter and it’s killing us. A recent study found that for every decade a woman is obese, her odds of developing breast, endometrial, colon or kidney cancer rises by 10 percent. For each decade she’s merely overweight, her risk rises by 7 percent. Being…

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Step Fourteen- Consider Intermittent Fasting

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Xfactor Xplanation: Internal vs. Xternal Focus Does the “burn” ever distract you from finishing any of your Xercises? Do you feel like your brain is running out of fuel before your muscles do? Would you be interested in learning a technique that can solve both of those problems and more, while increasing your results by…

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Kyle’s Kitchen and Cupboard Cleanout

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Every wonder what it would be like to purge your cupboards of unhealthy food? Or which foods would need to go? And why? Well, this is your luck day because here’s a video to watch of that very thing, with Laura Taylor, Personal Chef and PJ Glassey X Gym Founder making it happen, in an…

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Posture Problems- Preventing and Reversing “Text Neck”

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There is a pandemic of posture problems that have accelerated in the last 10 years, and the main culprit is the smart phone. You’ve seen it: everyone standing at the bus stop holding their phones at their chest and bending their neck forward and down in order to see it clearly. Our modern, first world…

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Step Thirteen- Exercise Form

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Xfactor Xplanation: Form is Paramount! You have probably noticed how important Xercise form is at the X Gym. This is because proper exercise form is key to targeting the specific muscles intended for the particular Xercise you are performing. As you know, each routine you get, whether you are a personal training tribe member or a…

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Step Twelve- Stretching

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Xfactor Xplanation: What About Stretching? You may be wondering if stretching is a necessary supplement to the X Gym workouts. The short answer is no. For general health and fitness, it’s just not necessary. The X Gym workout is designed with Xercises that go beyond your normal range of motion and when you do that, you…

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