online fitness training

Online Training Option

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Have you ever missed a workout for one reason or another that could have been solved if you had the option of training where you were, instead of having to drive the X Gym? We can now help you with that through online training! Clients have found this useful for: Xpected bad traffic (i.e. construction…

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Habits Course Step Two

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Are you sure you are ready AND have enough time right now (about 20 minutes) to dedicate to this step? If not, just click the button below to go back to the safety and comfort of the last step or click here for more help. If you are sure that you want to move on…

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Healthy Traveling

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Does it seem more difficult to eat healthy when traveling, or away from your routine at home? Here are some easy practical tips and tricks to stay on track! I made the video above to help people with nutrition habits and choices when traveling, but it also addresses struggles while staying home, like how important…

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