Online Training Option

Have you ever missed a workout for one reason or another that could have been solved if you had the option of training where you were, instead of having to drive the X Gym?

We can now help you with that through online training!

Clients have found this useful for:

  • Xpected bad traffic (i.e. construction or game delays).
  • Vacations or business trips (train in your hotel room, hotel gym, or even on the beach).
  • Training in your gym at work on a busy day (many office buildings have gyms).
  • People having an Xtra busy time at home (in-laws/guests, home remodel, etc.).
  • Those who simply prefer to stay at home for the convenience of using their own shower, avoiding the commute, etc.

And all it takes to get started is ordering the following items from Amazon. Just click the hyperlinks below to see the items. They are also pictured below.

  1. Clip-on wide angle lens for your phone or laptop.
  2. Tripod for your phone

And that’s it for now! Later, if you find you want to do these sessions frequently, we can send you links for other home and travel-friendly equipment like carpet sliders, hard floor sliders, elastic tubing, inflatable ball/peanut, etc. for limitless Xercise options!