How PJs brain is wired

People often ask me questions such as:

  • How did you come up with the unique X Gym methodology?
  • How have you invented so many new exercises, equipment, concepts, and biohacking techniques?
  • How are you so clear on what’s really going on in the world?
  • How can you predict what’s going to happen in the future with such accuracy?

While I don’t completely understand it myself, I will attempt to explain it as best I can.

First, and foremost, I have a hotline to absolute truth. I’m a Christian, which means the Holy Spirit lives inside me, He is the source of all truth. I pray every day for more wisdom and discernment, which God promises in James 1:5 to give to any of His children who ask (with the right heart and intentions). 

If I’ve already lost you and you aren’t interested in reading further, then I feel sorry for you that you turned off hearing about this one and only true source of pure truth because you will continue to be distracted, misguided, deceived, and coerced by the infinite lies bombarding us every day. 

For all others, keep reading to find out how you too can start to discern for yourself what is truth and what are lies, deception, disinformation, and misinformation.

Another reason is because of how God wired my brain (and this is a DISTANT second because the reason above is far and away the main reason for my “wisdom” and clarity, which I can take no credit for). 

I’ve always questioned everyone and everything. Some people label me as a skeptic, but I just have an insatiable need to understand “why,” so I never take anything at face value.

While I was a kid, my parents always patiently answered my string of whys, until they reached the end of their knowledge, which they would then admit, which often inspired me to find out more elsewhere.  

I’ve also never cared what anyone thought of me. Other’s opinions of me were irrelevant, so that allowed me to form my own independent opinions instead of following the pack to fit in.

When I read about Asch conformity experiments in college psychology class, I finally realized there were others like me – about ¼ of the population, in fact, and these people also tended to be my friends (birds of a feather…)

People labeled me as a “non-conformist” but I just wanted what I independently wanted and not necessarily what others wanted. Some of the group fads seemed like a good idea for logical reasons, but most didn’t, so I didn’t follow or comply. 

For instance, in gradeschool, Wrangler “star jeans” were all the rage. I didn’t see any logical reason they were better than my current jeans, and they were too expensive (fad pricing), so I was never tempted. 

Same story with bell-bottom jeans, except in that case, I thought they were downright silly looking, too swishy, and too tight. I asked others why they would wear something so uncomfortable which stumped some of them and the rest were obviously just trying to rationalize an emotional purchase. 

When I was asked to try drugs in high school, I replied that I thought it was the dumbest idea I’d ever heard. Those people never asked me again, and word got around not to bother with me because I was a dead end.

I did try alcohol (because I see nothing wrong with it) but I thought it tasted nasty and wasn’t willing to go through the suffering to “acquire the taste.” To this day I’ve still never been drunk or high, and never will be, as it seems pointless to alter my normal state since I prefer to be there. 

I would, however, consider trying certain mushrooms that have neurological brain-rewiring effects, although I would not want to titrate up to a dose that would alter my state. 

Many of the other “cool kids” had nice cars, either through their own hard work earning money, or was given to them by their parents. I had a 1973 Ford Pinto station wagon (not the model that explodes on impact from the rear). It got me from A to B and was super cheap because no one wanted one. People laughed at me for it and I laughed along with them because I also thought it was hilarious.

Many other peer pressures happened all the time, but those kids are actually cowards, so when it got physical, I would agree to fight (after telling them it’s a dumb idea) and they would back down with some excuse, except for several times, and I won every time, not because I’m a good fighter, but because I was fighting for principle while they were merely fighting to make me comply. It wasn’t long before the peer pressure stopped altogether because why bother if it’s not working?

I also never fit into any “clicks” because I didn’t see the point. I liked everybody and had friends in all the clicks (except for the stoner click because they were quite myopic about a habit I couldn’t relate to). My best friends, Jeff and Greg, were who I hung out with the most, but when they weren’t around, I could hang out with pretty much anyone because I didn’t have any enemies. 

Now jumping forward to college, where my senior paper was on a subject that would prove my professor wrong on something he taught us. I wasn’t trying to shame him or anything. I just knew he was wrong on the value of eccentric muscle contractions and wanted to teach the class the truth, backed by research. My professor was a great guy with no ego to protect, so he actually loved the report, gave me a standing ovation, and told me he was going to change what he taught about it. 

Then after graduating in 1989 with a degree in Exercise Science, I began doing personal training, mostly out of clients’ homes. I was trying to develop a new methodology to solve some of the problems I saw with the traditional (sets and reps) exercise method. 

These problems were: that it takes too much time, causes too many injuries, and bulks people up too much. It was also invented in 1891 (for the main purpose of bulking people up), so it was time something newer and more current, backed by real research came on the scene. It took me 9 years to do it, but by 1998, thanks to my clients who were willing to serve as guinea pigs, I got too busy and had to scale myself, which is why the X Gym happened. 

Then in the year 2000, my mom was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. I threw my research efforts into brain science to try to help her. Back then, we didn’t know enough yet to help people with AD, so she passed in 2005, but I never stopped studying it because the more I looked into it the more I felt like mainstream medicine was missing the mark, so I wanted to find it and hopefully help others.  

I never developed a “cure” myself, but as new research came out every week, I was hopeful someone else would, and they did. We now know that AD is preventable and in the earlier stages, is also REVERSABLE! I have a post on it, boiling down the 5 top things people can do to prevent (all forms of) dementia and it’s helped countless people so far. 

This all taught me about “science” and the medical community, who are mostly wrong about almost everything that has to do with health and fitness, which made me even more of a truth-seeker, especially outside of traditional health and medical sources.

This is why I wrote my book in 2008 (or click here for the updated Kindle version) which mostly goes against the narrative because it’s the truth about getting fit and healthy.

Mainstream news, like mainstream “science,” is also mostly wrong about most things, which is one reason I got rid of my TV way back in 2008. With my brain training, health focus, and stress reduction goals, I realized the lies, narrative, and control agenda I was watching on TV needed to be out of my life. 

I also subscribe to numerous alternative news sources and medical experts, not within the standard medical community. These sources are usually the opposite of mainstream, which is wrong the VAST majority of the time as I mentioned. By contrast, the ones I listen to are right more than 90% of the time. 

With my brain wiring, I don’t believe my sources either and can usually detect when they are off, such as the current Border standoff in Texas going on right now (today is January 31, 2024). Most people think Governor Abbott is a hero for standing up to Biden with his razor wire installation efforts along the border. 

My brain, however, asks the question, “Why didn’t he do this 2.5 years ago when the problem started?” I suspect this is all theatrics, and Governor Abbott is not the “white hat” we think he is. My gut says he’s been a politician long enough to be corrupted and is just another globalist pawn controlled by them, now doing their bidding to bring us closer to national destruction with their “divide-and-conquer” game plan.

But I digress. Getting back to my field of fitness and health, I’m a biohacker in order to find my own health and the unique health needs of others (because we’re all different). What works for me might not work for you, so I love biohacking my friends and X Gym members to help them discover their secret super-hacks. I even developed a brain type test to help people find out how to get health and fitness results faster, and more permanently, with little to no need for willpower (I’m the “Scientist” and “Innovator” brain types in case anyone is curious). 

Also, along the lines of health, I knew COVID was nothing to be afraid of before most other people because of my research and sources. I caught COVID (the original “bad” Alpha strain in 2020) and it felt like the mildest cold I’d ever had because I already knew what to do to minimize it beforehand and treat it afterward. Then I advised over 30 other people through COVID with the same plan I did and had 100% success among those who followed it. 

Since I had COVID, I didn’t see a need to get a COVID “vaccine” and saw through the charade anyway. Click here to see that YouTube video. I had to republish it a few times because it kept getting censored, so the current version appears to be only a couple years old. Now it’s severely shadow-banned, so without the direct link above, you probably won’t even be able to find it (another indication of its truth and accuracy).

I didn’t force my members to wear masks either because I knew they didn’t work. Here’s my page on that subject, using basic physics to make the point.

The interesting thing was that I lost two X Gym members over my opinion (about physics), but gained 12 the month it was published. I had no idea it would have any effect on my membership, but it sure did – in the right direction. 

I even have a banned videos page on my website (which I haven’t updated in a while to add more) and had to make accounts with Rumble and brighteon to post videos and opinions because so many got deleted from the big social channels. X is great, so I’m on there too. 

Then came the COVID business lockdowns. I locked down just long enough to find out through my own research, that mandates are not law and then opened back up before I was “supposed to” armed with the law on my side, with pages on my website to help others not be afraid and even how to handle the “mandate police” if they came knocking.

I didn’t do this to merely be rebel. I did it for my members because the #1 thing you can do to strengthen your immune system is to exercise, so I wanted my people to have that advantage. 

Then the second lockdown came around, which I completely ignored and my members were very grateful. When new members came for their intro workout and asked me about it, I would say, “Well, within the four walls of the X Gym, we are still a free country, and adults work out here, so they get to make grown-up decisions about their health. If you are uncomfortable with that, we have an amazing online training system so you can train from the safety and comfort of your own home.” 

I also had a bit of fun with it and even made a satire video about our state Governor because the whole ordeal was so absurd. 

There’s much more to the COVID story and how the X Gym made it through by God’s Grace when so many other gyms collapsed, and you can click here to see that if you are interested, but it’s much too lengthy to describe here. 

Then came the BLM riots. I saw the mass formation hypnosis going on and tried to offer some sanity with my social media post of, “Yes, black lives matter, just as much as all lives, and Jesus died on the Cross to prove that.” Well, this reminder that all people are created equal gathered lots of rage toward me and numerous requests for me to self-censor by deleting the post, but of course, I didn’t because it was true before the riots and it’s still true now.

Another advantage I have is that my brain is not hypnotizable. I have tried several times because I know how powerful it can be for rapid neural rewiring, and I am actually able to hypnotize others, but no one can do it to me, regardless of how willing I am. This makes me more resistant to mass formation, so I can more easily stay outside the narratives circulating and see clearly, rationally, and logically through them as they pass me by like clouds in the sky.

I often wear my shirt that says “Courage is Contagious” and my hat which reads, “I will not comply” to hopefully encourage others to stand up more against tyranny and assault on liberty.

My wife tolerates such attire but also has to pick out my clothes when we go to nice places because I wear sweats 99% of my life and have no clue about fashion because I don’t care about or pay any attention to that world.

She’s also 17 years younger than me because I don’t look, feel, or act my age, so it made perfect sense vs. marrying someone close to my age like most people do. 

We live in an apartment above my gym because that makes more sense than in a house with a commute. Besides, I’ve had two houses and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. 

I’m neither Republican nor Democrat. I’m closest to libertarian, but consider myself independent and vote for who has the most common sense, is patient, kind, does not envy or boast, is not proud or rude, not self-seeking, not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs, does not delight in evil, rejoices with the truth, always protects, trusts, and perseveres, as listed in 1 Corinthians chapter 13.

Since my brain automatically sees absurdity and is resistant to mindless pack animal behavior, my email footer is another example of my wiring. Most people have some sort of disclaimer on their email footer with instructions on what to do if it was sent in error to the wrong person, which no one actually does, so instead of copying and pasting a footer from someone else, like most people do because that’s what they think they should do since everyone else is doing it, I decided to make up my own to help brighten someone’s day with a bit of humor. 

Here’s my footer from emails sent from my computer: 

If you have received this email in error, please add some nutmeg and egg whites, whisk, and place in a hot(ish) oven for 34 minutes.

And here’s my footer from emails sent from my phone:

Sent from my iPhone during a knife fight in a crashing helicopter above the Nicaraguan rainforest, so please excuse any curt responses or iTypos. iApologize.

As you saw from the Asch study above, about ¼ of people don’t follow the pack if they see something differently. It’s also true that 98% of that 25% who aren’t following the masses are keeping quiet and minding their own business, keeping themselves safe, afraid of being judged or rejected by others, so they don’t speak out.

Then there is the other 2% of that 25% who are trying to help others by speaking the truth and willing to take the heat for it. I’m in this 2% and have lost “friends,” been penalized, banned, canceled, censored, and more, but it’s worth it. I’m fine with it because I’ve helped many people so far and want to continue doing that. 

I’ve been right about 99% of the things I’ve predicted over the last few years. I can’t actually think of anything I’ve been wrong about that I’ve said or posted, but I’m claiming 99% because there must be something out there I was wrong about.

Some people call me a prophet but I’m far from that. There are modern-day prophets out there, but I don’t have that gift now. I do, however, have the gift of discernment, and since I have the Holy Spirit inside for the truth download, plus my gift of researching things accurately, and the ability to smell a rat, I can tell with better than average accuracy what’s really going on. 

We need more people to take a risk and take a stand. I hope you will too. I also hope and pray you have found or will find salvation in Jesus Christ, who is the ultimate truth, and the antidote to the fear over the craziness going on in the world right now. 

People ask me how I can talk about it without fear or anger and I answer that my God is still on the throne. I see two scenarios happening in my future: Either a great revival, or the rapture, and both are awesome and exciting for Christians like me. 

I just pray for the revival to happen first, so more people can come with me in the rapture and I’m here to help as many people as I can with that, along with helping them become fitter, healthier, and happier as well, in spite of the craziness of the world. 

Some people see it all as a huge overwhelming mountain in front of them. They might even cry out in fear saying, “Hey God – have you seen this mountain?” 

But I talk to the mountain and say, “Hey mountain – have you seen my God?”