Banned and deleted videos page

All righty then! Since YouTube has appointed itself as the supreme authority on pretty much everything, and makes up its own ever-changing rules to control what you see (and hopefully think), I had to create a backup channel on Brighteon, which is a site that honors free speech and good science.

How sad it is that I have to do this in a country founded on free speech as a core principle. If our founding fathers were here now, they would be – well, you can probably guess what they would be doing about this because they were completely kick-ass!

Which begs another question, “Where did our courage go?” Did it really take only 244 years to devolve into a nation of spineless wimps, eager to give up liberties and control for a perception of possible safety against a virus with a 99.5% survival rate? (and that’s the CDC’s numbers, so it’s surely better than that). Apparently, only a select few of us got those founding fathers’ genes/spines handed down through the generations, and I’m glad to be one of them, but I digress…

This current censorship is very anti-science. Einstein reminded us of this danger decades ago with the quote you see above left.

Dr. Tyson, an extreme left-liberal, also commented similarly, as it relates to good science, with the quote here to the right, so as you can see, good science is non-partisan, as it should be. Unfortunately, it is not allowed in the “technocracy party” of MSM, Google/YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all other mainstream social media – not to mention certain other billionaires and world bankers, but I digress again because it’s so hard not to…

This page links and describes my banned and deleted videos by YouTube. It also contains others that would certainly be deleted if I tried to post them since they go against the (constantly changing) mainstream narratives and/or the CDC (who is consistently contradicting themselves), and/or the WHO (the gold-medal winners for flip-flopping on their “official” positions). Good Lord…

Click here to see my first YouTube censored video. I didn’t even list it as public. I posted it as unlisted. They deleted it anyway, even before I was able to share it. They also didn’t give me a reason, despite multiple inquiries. It is simply a video of a Main Stream Media broadcast piece -from the number one news TV channel, actually – on CENSORSHIP! Quite ironic, don’t you think?

Next, click here if you want to see the second video YouTube removed from my account, where they did provide me with this reason: “YouTube doesn’t allow claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).” That’s a conveniently broad-worded reason, don’t you think? Do they also remove old posts from the WHO, which contradict new posts from the WHO? Because there are plenty of those, not to mention posts from their “local health authorities,” also listed in their “reason” for censoring me.

That second video mentioned and linked above is a past live broadcast of a Texas Senate hearing testimonial from a real doctor who provides a great immunity explanation that’s very easy to understand. Because he’s an actual MD, in the trenches, with real experience effectively treating patients (100% effective) with COVID-19, armed with the references and research to back it all up, it’s apparently too much truth for YouTube to handle.

Shouldn’t we be listening to people like him, instead of Youtube’s “experts” like Fauci, who have no clinical practice with real patients, and only serves to daze and confuse us with an ever-changing story (not to mention outright lies)? Click here for just one of the countless examples of that.

My other banned and deleted video from YouTube was discussing numbers from VAERS, namely, the deaths from the COVID “vaccine,” compared to the total deaths from all vaccines combined since VAERS started, showing there were 2x more deaths from the COVID “vaccine” in the first six months than from all other vaccines combined since VAERS started 40 years ago. Now, less than a year after that video deletion, there are over 10X deaths than all the other vaccines combined. Click here to see that video.

Thanks for visiting – more to come soon, as I’m sure I’ll keep getting banned censored, deleted, and canceled as I spread more facts and truth…

And here are some other truth memes I made to possibly inspire (and/or share with others) on how we can be in control of our own future and get our country back!