The Facemask Debate SOLVED with Physics 101 (and confirmed by the CDC)

Lots of people think the “research” on the effectiveness of masks is “debatable” because there seem to be “studies” on both sides of the “argument,” (which I’m more than happy to discuss separately – PLEASE), but what happens if we use the laws of PHYSICS as the science on mask effectiveness? Isn’t physics less biased than human researchers, no matter what side they are on?

Check out the video below for some basic-level, simple, common-sense physics on airflow and particle sizes. Let’s examine this ACTUAL SCIENCE, “under the microscope” shall we? (yes, I have my own microscope – I am that much of a science nerd)

Oh – and for my ultimate “mic drop” moment, see with your own eyeballs this page (click here) where the CDC confirms what I have shown in this video, which begs the question: “Why are they (and certain state governors) pushing masks so hard again?”

Click that smoking gun/bombshell CDC link above NOW though because they might have forgotten it’s still on their site and in that case, it will be scrubbed from the internet soon!

Still not convinced? Here’s what the foremost expert on PPE and particle size physics has to say about masks:

And his latest video:

NOTE: I’m being censored now on Youtube, so my embedded video above is from my Brighteon account in case I’m fully deleted from Youtube’s platform. Youtube really hates people speaking facts and using actual science, so I can’t see them letting me continue that for much longer…

P.S. Here is one scenario where a face-covering could protect you: You are holding a toddler on your lap. He/she is also standing/sitting facing you, with a raging case of COVID. Now that toddler sneezes in your face (because they don’t know any better yet), and you also happen to have your mouth open and also happen to be inhaling at that very moment. In this scenario, yes, you could indeed get COVID if you didn’t follow my prevention suggestions in this post (written way back last year). And then if you do get COVID, from that toddler or anywhere else, the same post has suggestions for that too.

All that being said, if you want to want to wear a mask at the X Gym, that’s great! We honor whatever your choice may be, as a free citizen adult, who gets to make grown-up decisions about your health, and you will NEVER be judged or shamed in any way. The same goes for your vaccine choice or any other choice you get to make about your own health, risk level, and body. You should also know the same goes for the trainers at the X Gym. They are the boss of their own bodies and choices – not me nor any other person on the face of the earth. In fact, I haven’t even asked any of them about their vaccination status because frankly, it’s none of my business.

X Gym is a “JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE” as it says on our outside window, and that applies to ALL of your personal choices and values, whether those be about your health, religion, gender identity, political views, CRT, BLM, LGBTQ, etc. because within the four walls of the X Gym, you are still a free citizen of a free country, with all the rights and protections of our (current) US Constitution and Bill of Rights, regardless of what any Governer or other “authority” tries to “mandate” – ESPECIALLY if it attempts to overrule our founding fathers’ documents or other God-given rights. Yes, I’m using ALL CAPS now, which is not typical for me, so you can probably tell I won’t be changing my mind or policies on these values EVER.

If these values or masking opinions make you feel uncomfortable in any way, that’s actually OK too because we have amazing live online training, where you can still receive the phenomenal health benefits and Xtrordinary fitness results from our time-saving exercise methods from the comfort and safety of your own home! We are actually the “OG” of online training (as you may already know) since we have been doing it on a large scale since 2018 – WAY before the first draconian lockdown was declared (and don’t get me started on that)!

8/29/21 update: There are still people coming to me after reading this post, trying to offer “evidence” that masks work, based on the “research.” Well, that’s another (valid) topic, so I answer with, “I’m only talking about simple physics here, so would you like to discuss that?” They usually reply with, “But the research, and science, and CDC, and…” So I reply with, “That is a separate – and valid – topic I’m willing to discuss after we are through discussing the topic of the post, which is basic physics, so let’s start there, and then we can have a discussion on the science, but I will make a bet with you first: for every well-designed mask-validating study you email me, I will be able to email you five (or more) well-designed studies proving they don’t work because mask protection against disease has actually been studied for decades.” Name your price for this bet and let’s shake on it (or elbow bump). Then we can have that conversation followed by the exchange of corroborating research. So far I have no takers…

5/11/22 update: To date, no one has been able to debunk my physics claims in the video above, which is why people still want to divert to the topic of the “studies” they have found through their confirmation bias. So if you must go there, click here for a concise article by a very smart MIT graduate.

1/9/23 update: For those of you who STILL insist on ignoring physics and want to argue the “research,” here’s one of your top “experts,” chief White House COVID advisor, Ashish Jha, who inadvertently spoke mask research truth (for once) in December of 2023:

And here is another video showing an even better perspective on particle sizes: