4 minute stretching routine

X Gymers are busy people, so we are great at condensing the workouts while Xpanding the benefits and results, but did you know we are also Xperts at stretching routines?

Most X Gymers don’t stretch. And maybe they don’t need to. Flexibility is built-in to the X Gym workout, so people do become more flexible with time, but what about those who want Xtra flexibility work, or have a limited range of motion they would like to Xpand?

We have an Xcellent answer for that too, and it only takes 4 minutes!

Flexibility science has shown us stretching is best done after a workout, while you are warm, as you are cooling.

For an Xpress routine, follow the stretches below, holding each position for 30 seconds, with a hearty stretch, but never to the point of pain (in the muscle or joint).


⇣ Quad stretch ⇣  Pull the foot toward the butt and the knee back.  Hold 30 seconds per leg.









⇣ Hamstring stretch ⇣  Lean forward and reach down the straight leg.  Hold 30 seconds per leg.









⇣ Low back stretch ⇣  Reach out to feel the lats stretching and the low back.  Hold 1 minute.









⇣ Pec stretch ⇣  With the arm flat against a wall, turn your body away from the wall.  Hold 30 seconds per arm.








And there you have it! Basic stretch plan #1, done in 4 minutes.

P.S. Research shows that post Xercise stretching can augment strength gains by as much as 15%, so it might be worth your time for that reason too, even if you aren’t doing it for flexibility reasons.