Top 7 things PJ does to prevent COVID (and what he would do if he got it)

I’ve talked a lot since February on what the research has to say about COVID, how to prevent it by staying healthy, and tips on boosting your immune system.

I’ve done this through videos, blog posts, and more, but it’s a LOT of info, so people have asked me to simplify it for both pre and post-infection.

First, here are my top 7 things to prevent it. I do more, actually, but I’m a “crazy” health fanatic, so if I were a “normal” person, these would be my 7 best things:

  1. Exercise! Research shows this is the most important thing for immune health. I usually train 3X a week, consisting of two 21 minute strength workouts, and one 7 minute Xardio workout, but during this COVID time, I’m training about 5 times a week. I would train every day if I could, but I’m just too darn busy.
  2. Vitamins D3, K2, C, and A are the most important vitamins for general immune health, but also specifically for COVID prevention.
  3. Hydration and good nutrition. I drink 3-5 quarts of filtered water per day (decaf coffee and other hydrating beverages count too). The right food (especially nutritious, anti-inflammatory food) is vital. I also do intermittent fasting (no food for 16-18 hours each day) which is another powerful immune-boosting and detoxing strategy).
  4. Quercetin and zinc are the non-drug version of the famous hydroxychloroquine and zinc combination talked so much about lately (because it really does work).
  5. Good quality sleep. Getting enough sleep and making sure it’s quality sleep does wonders for immune health!
  6. Stress reduction techniques. Stress attacks the immune system and wears it down, so anything you can do to prevent and reduce it (the best thing being Xercise, of course) will help a ton. Breathing and meditation techniques are certainly a big part of that.
  7. Colloidal silver can be taken in an oral spray or tincture every day to help fight off bad bugs.

Now if I were to get COVID, here’s what I would do.

  1. Pray! My health is ultimately in God’s hands and He would want me to talk to Him about it a lot. I do this for prevention too. but I’d do it more if I caught it.
  2. Go to bed for as much rest and sleep as possible.
  3. More vitamins D3, K2, C, and A.
  4. Hydration and nutrition: More filtered water – at least a gallon per day. I’d reduce my food intake and focus on dense nutrition like homemade bone broth, greens, and very clean organic food, but not much of it, so my immune system has all the energy it needs (instead of diverting energy to digesting normal or big meals). I would also bump up my fasting window to 20 hours or more if I’m not too hungry. Another liquid I would be slamming is my favorite BAIT recipe to reverse the inflammation cycle (AKA cytokine storm) that often happens with COVID.
  5. More colloidal silver, quercetin, and zinc, but I also have a starting dose of Hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax handy, which I would take, after calling my doctor to get his blessing (and then order more from him).
  6. Stress reduction techniques. I’d double up on these, so my stress is as low as possible. Funny movies would be a big part of this too.
  7. I would add iodine tincture drops daily.

There you have it! That’s what this science research nerd would do.