Does snow stop the Kirkland X Gym from opening? Psssh – no way!

How about a Zombie apocalypse, false flag event, or power outage? Nope. We’ll be open.

The only times we are closed is a major holiday announced in advance, so come on in!

If you can’t make it in for whatever reason, we can train you from the safety of your own home (or anywhere) with our awesome live online training and live group training. We are the OG of this technology too, as we have been doing it since 2015, so we’re the pros! No one does it better than we do!

You can also check our status page in the case of government mandates. That page also has our Zoom link for the live online group classes.

To contact us via call or text, you can ping our cell line at 206-938-9496.

To contact us on our landline, use 425-822-9496.

To email the trainers, use

To email PJ, use

Please know that we will always reply as fast as possible, but we might be training a member when you try to reach us, so the sooner you ping us the better!