PJ’s Super Simple Triangle Wellness Plan

You may have seen my posts on getting well and staying well, but some have asked me boil it down to just a few of the most important things to do – especially when it comes to prevention during the colds and flu season.

So, here is the bare minimum easy peasy plan: Vitamin D, Xercise, and Xclear nasal spray.

The main reason for the colds and flu “season” is a deficiency in vitamin D3. From October to April, above the 37th parallel, We just don’t get enough from the sun to meet our needs. Many people above and below that line also don’t get enough because they are inside all the time. In this case, even in the summer, and even at the equator, if you are inside too much or are afraid of the sun, you need to supplement with Vit D3! You will need a minimum of 1000 IUs per day, up to 5000 IUs, depending on your absorption rate. There is a simple inexpensive test for that, which can help you find your ideal dose.

The second biggest reason is a deficiency in vitamin X. By this I mean Xercise! If you are doing traditional exercise, you need to be at it five days a week for at least 30+ minutes. If you are doing X Gym Xercise through our Kirkland club, online, or through our App, then 21 minutes, twice a week is enough.

Now for a new preventative treatment: Xlear nasal spray. This patented formula uses grapefruit seed extract and Xylitol (sugar alcohol) to attract and kill viruses and bacteria. The evidence is quite Xciting! Just spray one spray in each nostril AM and PM. So easy! For a deeper dive, click here to see a great article and interview.

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