The history of modern science

Modern science is still in its infancy. It really only started just a few centuries ago.

I could go on and on about it, but I wouldn’t be able to explain it as well, or with as much humor, as Kary Mullis can, the Nobel prize winner in 1993 for his PCR method. Here’s his Ted talk video below, along with some added thoughts he had on global warming, Fauci, and his own PCR technology uses and misuses. If YouTube deletes it (because it doesn’t walk lock-step with the globalist technocrats’ propaganda), then click here to see it on my free speech platform backup channel.

The studies he mentioned in the video above can be found here:

And here are a few other interesting reads on the subject in case you want to get started down that particular rabbit hole yourself:

And click here for my favorite explanation of how far modern science has drifted from its founding principles.