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Beth’s Online Training Xperience

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Beth talks about her X Gym online training Xperience to design a travel Xercise routine for her vacation, with no Xercise gear or equipment needed! See for more info on our Kirkland club, online training and Xercise phone App.  

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Online Personal Training

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Our location in Kirkland Washington is where the locals go who want one-on-one personal training, but if that’s not convenient, we do live online one-on-one training with clients all over the world too! If you are wondering how X Gym online personal training works, just click the video below. If you already know how it…

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Online Training Option

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Have you ever missed a workout for one reason or another that could have been solved if you had the option of training where you were, instead of having to drive the X Gym? We can now help you with that through online training! Clients have found this useful for: Xpected bad traffic (i.e. construction…

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