Step Thirteen- Exercise Form

Xfactor Xplanation: Form is Paramount!

You have probably noticed how important Xercise form is at the X Gym. This is because proper exercise form is key to targeting the specific muscles intended for the particular Xercise you are performing. As you know, each routine you get, whether you are a personal training tribe member or a group training tribe member, is a full-body routine and it’s the combination of Xercises that make it that way. When form is broken, or “cheating” happens in order to complete reps, other muscles are engaged that are not intended to be part of that Xercise. Then you are fatiguing muscles that are going to be needed for other Xercises coming up and when you get to those other Xercises, you will be gypping yourself out of the balanced fatigue intended.

Remember that complete muscle fatigue (CMF) is the key to strength gains, but only if CMF happens within perfect form, so the muscles intended to completely fatigue are the muscles that you are actually fatiguing.

Remember also that reps and weight doesn’t matter at the X Gym. It’s all about CMF and maintaining good form through the end of that phase, which involves good form in the phase before CMF – which is the time under tension (TUT) phase – which gives you the endurance benefits.

Some members make the mistake of thinking their trainer wants them to successfully complete the rep or splinter technique they are suggesting. The goal is actually to get to the point where you can’t do what your trainer is asking you to do, as long as you are maintaining perfect form. When you get stuck in the range and can’t complete the full motion, your trainer gets really happy, because they know you are maximizing your results through CMF, and TUT, while targeting the muscles intended – and only those muscles. Then, when you move on to the other Xercises in your routine, the muscles intended at that point will be ready to go, in a balanced way, for their turn to reach CMF after enough TUT.

Nutrition Revolution Step: Eat Less to Live Longer.

Based on human and animal studies, eating less creates a longer lifespan. You have probably heard me say that total calories don’t matter, as long as the macronutrient ratios (total carbs, protein and fat) are optimized and that certainly is true in respect to getting leaner, because as long as your macronutrients remain within the right range (like 70+% fat, 20% or less protein and 15% or less carbs for instance), you can eat as many calories as you want, without getting fatter. However, research has shown that if you do eat less food, you will live longer.

Why do you think this is? The latest theory is that even though Xcess calories, under the right macronutrient ratios don’t cause weight gain, they do cause more wear and tear on your insides, because your organs are working harder to process all that food. When you force your organs to work harder, they wear out faster, and the aging process is sped up.

Xcess calories, while not making you fatter (assuming optimal macro ratios mentioned above), can slow or stop fat loss, because Xcess calories means that your body is being given enough fuel to burn, without burning your own fat cells. It doesn’t need to because it’s got all this fuel to burn in the form of food intake.

Another reason that is theorized for this shortened lifespan with high calorie consumption is based in the microscopic cellular world. When your body runs out of energy (i.e. calories), it starts to eat your own cells. This sounds bad, but it’s actually a good thing and a very normal part of a natural process. The body typically eats the “dirty cells” first – those cells that need cleaning out anyway, either because they are old and busted, or because they have too many free radicals, to name just a couple reasons.

Eating more than you need to eat is basically just eating for pleasure. This is totally fine, and I do it myself sometimes, but I usually use my hunger scale technique to keep me from eating too much and putting Xcess wear and tear on my organs. If you haven’t seen this technique already (it was featured a couple steps ago), check it out here because it has many useful applications beyond just eating less food.

Brain Training Revolution: 

Do you sometimes get lost along the way? The video below is one way to help you get back on track through remembering your “Why.” Why did you get on track in the first place? As you get further from your initial goal, or just get distracted along the way, getting back to your “why” can be the very thing you need to get back on that path toward health and fitness success!


Resource Revolution:

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Revolution Reminder:

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