Podcast #2: Two brain hacks to get past blocks and accelerate success!

Podcast # 2 – Two brain hacks to get past blocks and accelerate success!

What is your biggest fear? What food is the hardest for you to stop eating? Why do we ask? Well, a lot of us can relate to being fearful or having a hard time breaking bad habits around certain types of food.

In this week’s podcast, we are taking a deep dive into TWO powerful brain training techniques to change your state, break your pattern, get you past mental blocks, and move you forward toward your goals!

You will learn about the EFT technique or, as we like to call it, “tapping.” PJ and Alex demonstrate how this technique works and the power of tapping over time.

The other brain hack is using affirmations. Most of us have heard of this type of technique because it has become very popular, but the problem is most people do not actually use affirmations consistently.

During this podcast you will learn how to simplify affirmations to make them work like magic!

Click the video below to learn how to properly apply these two amazing techniques into your daily routine and reap all the benefits!

If you want to discover your unique brain’s superpowers, hacks, tips, and rewiring techniques to get you healthier and fitter faster with less willpower required, here’s the link to the magic: braintype.me

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