Science 2020

You may have noticed that “science” has changed a lot since COVID hit the headlines and I’d like to remind you what it was prior to all this lest we forget altogether.

In fact, I’ll let two prominent liberal scientists do it for me:

Since COVID, we’ve had an all-out attack on science. The greatest enemies of science are:

  • Scientists who refuse to follow the scientific method.
  • Scientists who refuse to debate their critics.
  • ​Politicians, “fact-checkers,” influencers, social media platforms, and “experts”​ who stifle debate and censor dissenting opinions.

You can ​spot these science-haters by their most popular catch-phrases,​ “The science is settled” and then, “Follow the science” as they wave their credentials and make reference to “consensus.”

It’s a pretty safe bet that the person using these phrases is either a shill, completely ignorant, a liar, a sociopath, or all of these things.

These agenda-revealing words ​have the following devastating effects on science: 

  • ​They extinguish the habit of independent thinking.
  • ​They teach new generations that some questions are off-limits.
  • ​They show others that careers and funding may depend on alignment with establishment views.
  • ​They allow (and even encourage) scoundrels to silence (and even punish) their critics.
  • ​They elevate scientific “knowledge” to the realm of faith, exempt from the burden of proof.

This all turns the discipline of science into a political exercise, empowering those spouting​ the current politically​-​correct script to function as a sort of “Ministry of Truth” with the “authority” to tell others how to think, what to believe, and dictate the consequences of expressing other options.

​That is the opposite of science. ​We need to get back to real science or we will lose it forever.

Question everything.

Believe nothing.

Use your own independent mind to think critically, logically, and rationally.

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