Podcast #1 Train your brain to be fearless!

X Gym has created a new podcast series focused on brain training to help you make your brain work for you, not against you, in your health and fitness goals! 

In each episode, we will be discussing tips, tricks, techniques, and secret brain hacks you can use to achieve your goals and improve your quality of life. 

We will be posting a new blog post weekly teasing some of the topics of each podcast episode. 

The dozens of brain hacks we discuss in this podcast series cover all 16 brain types. Depending on your brain type, discovered through taking the brain type test, there will be certain brain hacks that will work better for you specifically. 

These brain hacks and brain rewiring techniques will help you not only understand how your brain works but how others’ brains work as well. This is fantastic news because you can start winning with yourself but also winning with the people around you. 

In this week’s podcast we are talking about overcoming fear, which is something most people struggle with, so listen in for ideas to help you conquer those fears. 

What is fear anyway? Although fear is designed to keep us away from danger, it can also turn into an irrational reaction to our surroundings. This podcast gives you tools to prevent that.

You will also gain a deeper understanding into the fight, flight, or freeze effect. When we get stuck in a state of fear, how do we get out of it? You will learn some ticks and tricks for this too!

So tune in now to learn some great ways to help break your fear cycle, train your brain to make more rational decisions and how they can help you conquer your fears and fulfill your potential, watch our podcast below. 

Don’t let fear stop you from achieving your goals because when it comes to your brain, the truth is, you have the control!

And if you want to discover your unique brain’s superpowers, hacks, tips, and rewiring techniques to get you healthier and fitter faster with less willpower required, here’s the link to the magic: VIP.xgym.com/braintypetest

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