X Gym’s Firefighter Combat Challenge

Thanks for your interest in another Xtra Xclusive Xtreme challenge only found at X Gym! 👩🏼‍🚒

See the video below for the demonstration:

As you can see, it’s a short event, but full tilt the whole time, lasting about as long as a typical X Gym Xercise (2-4 minutes, depending on your fitness level).

Email PJ@xgym.com to sign up. And hurry in because only the first 14 people to perform the challenge get a free combat backpack!

You will have March 2023 through the end of May 2023 to train with the events to get faster because the backpacks aren’t the only prizes! If you beat PJ’s time* (currently at 1:54), you get 77 XbuX to spend just like money as you please toward your dues or X Gym Schwag!

If you beat JP’s time* (currently at 1:33) you get a free month’s membership!

Both PJ and JP must do their final test no later than May 1st, but everyone else gets until May 31st to beat them.


But the real benefit to you is every time you do it, you get an AMAZING workout, equivalent to about 30 minutes of traditional steady-state exercise, so the more you do it the more you get out of it, and the best part is it’s fun!

And here’s the other best part: You get a great discount from our backpack sponsor!

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They sell gym bags, gym towels, drink bottles, lifting straps, wrist straps, and various apparel.

Head over to www.evatac.co and enter the coupon code XGYM25% to get 25% off your entire order!

Please note, this discount is for a limited time only.

Thank you once again for being a member at X Gym! It certainly has its privileges (and more to come)! 💪😜👍

*Women get to subtract 30 seconds from their time for their official time