Xercise Xperiments

Welcome to the page that shows you some of our many innovations and inventions, based on our Xtensive Xercise Xperimentation.

Warning: For Xperimental purposes only. These are not official X Gym Xercises and may be dangerous or stupid. PJ and his friends have been known to be both. 🤪


Here’s a TUT Xercise Xperiment using core, chest, shoulders, adductors, hip flexors, and more:


Another Sunday Funday Xtremely unique Xercise Xperiment, this time featuring biceps and tricep isolation using weighted flywheel pulley resistance at X Gym:


Training at the hotel gym in Hawaii using the Powerdot gizmo:


Several variations and difficulty levels on Xtra unusual pushups:


Our methodology is already a huge timehack, but here’s a timehack on top of that timehack, for a timehack stack!


After Xtensive Xperimentation, over years of design and development, through many iterations and prototypes, here’s our Xclusive gizmo invention we call “The Quadraslide.”


Here’s a sneak peek into how I make a training video for my trainers, Xplaining a new Xercise to use with our members:


Here’s our “Xscream Machine” (2500 lb. winch gizmo invention), used in this Xample for isolation bicep curls:


Sometimes music can help you push harder – here is Michael and I Xperimenting with Kirk Franklin’s song “Stomp”


People often use vacation or travel as an Xcuse to stop Xercising. Here are 3 hotel gym hacks to make it funner and help with that phenomenon, mostly based on using equipment not for its intended purpose.


Here’s a different spin on lying tricep Xtensions, the X Gym way, “leveraging” the physics of levers for Xtreme results!


Here’s our Versa Pulley machine, helping us with tricep Xtensions, on a ball, with BFR cuffs on for triple effect, all with Xtreme safety!


Here’s our latest prodigy, Greg, who went from “normie” to superhero in just 5 weeks because he wasn’t afraid of hard work and followed all the nutrition guidance we offered him.


Here’s a suspension lunge Xperiment on the wobble board and vibration platform with Coach John for Xtreme functional strength!



Here’s PJ finding a workaround for his skateboard arm injury so he could keep training uninterrupted.


Here’s a time-hack Xperiment to get quads, glutes, biceps, and forearms all in the same Xercise! 


This time it’s Xtreme Vibe suspension lunges, Transylvanian hamstrings, Swinging Circus pushups, And Xscream electric stim Quadzilla leg Xtensions with my insane training partners, JMFR and Queg.

Mission Impossible Pushup: With a suspension training device and some carpet sliders, this can be a great way to blast the chest, shoulders, and core! 

Suspension pullups are about 3X harder than a fixed bar. Then add a 30 lb backpack, and the workout doesn’t take much time at all!

Ever seen the movie “Jackass?” If so, you’ll know why this one got it’s name…

Our 200 lb friction sled wasn’t quite heavy enough, soooo…

Here’s a way to get upper, mid, and lower pecs plus shoulders and triceps all in one!

Here’s an Xercise I do when I need to warm up instead of putting on Xtra layers of clothes. Plus, it’s great for the chest, shoulders, core, and triceps!

Regular conventional pull-ups are so mundane, and Crossfit kipping pull-ups are so fake, so we decided to play around with some planes of motion outside the traditional plane with some X Gym-style time-under-tension magical goodness! #wayharder #waybetter

Conventional “burpees” are high impact with the jump, land, and ballistic drop to pushup position, so our little innovation/Xperiment worked out great with this no impact, controlled pushup drop for a great cardio workout, along with core, chest, shoulders, and triceps strength and endurance training!