Xercise Xperiments

Welcome to the page that shows you some of our many innovations and inventions, based on our Xtensive Xercise Xperimentation.

Warning: For Xperimental purposes only. These are not official X Gym Xercises and may be dangerous or stupid. PJ and his friends have been know to be both. 🤣


Here’s a TUT Xercise Xperiment using core, chest, shoulders, adductors, hip flexors, and more:


Another Sunday Funday Xtremely unique Xercise Xperiment, this time featuring biceps and tricep isolation using weighted flywheel pulley resistance at X Gym:


Training at the hotel gym in Hawaii using the Powerdot gizmo:


Several variations and difficulty levels on Xtra unusual pushups:


Our methodology is already a huge timehack, but here’s a timehack on top of that timehack, for a timehack stack!


After Xtensive Xperimentation, over years of design and development, through many iterations and prototypes, here’s our Xclusive gizmo invention we call “The Quadraslide.”


Here’s a sneak peek into how I make a training video for my trainers, Xplaining a new Xercise to use with our members:


Here’s our “Xscream Machine” (2500 lb. winch gizmo invention), used in this Xample for isolation bicep curls:


Sometimes music can help you push harder – here is Michael and I Xperimenting with Kirk Franklin’s song “Stomp”


People often use vacation or travel as an Xcuse to stop Xercising. Here are 3 hotel gym hacks to make it funner and help with that phenomenon, mostly based on using equipment not for its intended purpose.


Here’s a different spin on lying tricep Xtensions, the X Gym way, “leveraging” the physics of levers for Xtreme results!


Here’s our Versa Pulley machine, helping us with tricep Xtensions, on a ball, with BFR cuffs on for triple effect, all with Xtreme safety!


Here’s our latest prodigy, Greg, who went from “normie” to superhero in just 5 weeks because he wasn’t afraid of hard work and followed all the nutrition guidance we offered him.


Here’s a suspension lunge Xperiment on the wobble board and vibration platform with Coach John for Xtreme functional strength!