X Gym Winter Sprint Challenge

greg to queg

Join the fun in the X Gym Winter Sprint Challenge by 1/7/24!

So what is this? Well, have you ever wondered how certain movie stars get in crazy good shape for a movie role in just a couple of months (like Greg here, pictured left)?

Or how fast some people are able to quickly slim down and tone up for their wedding, a reunion, or some other event?

These crazy transformations also happen when someone finally hits their “leverage point” and says, “That’s it! I’ve had it! This time I’m all in, no matter what it takes.”

That’s what this challenge is all about.

Here’s what you get, for under $70 bucks, for 2 months’ worth of Xtra help and motivation:

  • Xpert help with your motivation, nutrition, check-ins, and more, from John Roberts, an “ex” Xgymer, who has gone on to achieve amazing things like becoming an Ironman, and competing in the invitation-only World Championship Spartan Race. He will help you using the 1stPhorm app as your tool (click here for the link), with his mad skills and accountability help. Be sure to email pj@xgym.com to tell him you did that step so he can put you on the fast track VIP list!
  • Brain Training with PJ through the Brain Type Test. ($40 one-time fee). This will be your secret weapon as PJ helps you unleash your superpowers to solve struggles with food, motivation, Xercise, and more. When you email PJ, he will Xplain more about this too.
  • Social support through John’s Facebook group.

So to sum up, with John’s help on the food and motivation, and PJ’s help on the brain training and struggles, plus the motivation of other people in the Sprint Tribe, your chances of success go up Xponentially!

But that’s not all! Because you’re using the 1stPhom app (PJ will send you the link), you are automatically entered in their contest.

Why is this so great? Because their app is fantastic. AND if you are selected as the one who gets the best transformation among their contestants, based on your before and after pics, you win $25,000 from 1stPhorm!

Here are the bottom line requirements for this challenge to be able to stay in it for the whole two months and get all the Xpert help mentioned above:

  1. Sign up with the 1st Phorm app, select John Roberts as your coach, and then log your food, liquid, and activity daily.
  2. Take your before and after pictures (and optional progress pics along the way if John suggests it), and before and after measurements.
  3. Take your before and after BEI readings at X Gym (and unlimited tests along the way, as desired).
  4. Email pj@xgym.com to let him know you’re in so he can help you with struggles and challenges via his brain training solutions.
  5. Do weekly check-ins with John (and ask for Xtra help too if you need it).
  6. Follow ALL of John and PJ’s advice for 2 months (and remember all the Xtra help you get with struggles because no one is perfect and everyone needs help).
  7. If you are on Facebook, join the group “Outlier Fitness” at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1003109377245724

Click here to see the video of the day 1 tasks above.

TWO WAYS TO WIN: You already know how to be a contestant in the 1st Phorm version above, but here’s another way to win:

A female winner and a male winner will be selected, based solely on percent bodyfat change, and women compete against women and men against men.

AND YOU CAN STILL DO GREAT IF YOU ARE ON A TRIP OR VACATION! John and PJ will help you through it. They have plenty of Xperience with all that.  💪😉👍

If any of the things listed above stop you from entering, that’s OK! You’ll still get great strength and endurance results with your X Gym membership.

Get on the list anytime by emailing pj@xgym.com. The contest starts NOW (the last day to enter is 1/7/24).

HURRY! Only the first 14 people are accepted in this challenge because we want to be able to deliver amazing service to each person.