Welcome to the X Gym Tribe!

Welcome to the X Gym! We are honored you chose us to be your guide to help you achieve optimal health and fitness. We are thrilled to have you as part of the tribe!

Here is the first lesson of this health and fitness course designed to deliver just the right help to you, at just the right time, in just the right dose.

This course has been created, designed, and refined, based on the results and feedback from hundreds of “graduates” since 1989.

You will become familiar with Xfactor Xplanations of concepts, methods, and principles that will help you understand certain shortcuts, hacks, tips and tricks to get you healthier and fitter faster than you ever Xperienced before.

You will also see Nutrition Revolution steps, designed and timed to help you easily create new habits that are sustainable for life.

The Brain Training Revolution components will help you rewire your brain to think and act like a healthy, fit person. This is huge because that’s what makes achieving your goals EASY and PERMANENT, with DRASTICALLY less willpower required. Every person is different though, and there are many different brain types, so this is also customizable. If any brain training technique doesn’t resonate with you, just click the links for more help and you’ll get it!

Then, if you want to Xplore further, you will see a Resource Revolution section, directing you to further information sources.

OK! Let’s get started!

Here’s your first Xfactor Xplanation: X Gym is a System.

X Gym isn’t just a place to get unique workouts and revolutionary exercise methodology. Those workouts are very important, but you also get access to a comprehensive health and fitness system. This system is based on current scientific studies in exercise science, nutrition science, and brain science. It has also been tested and refined through Xtremely Xtensive research using hundreds of X Gym members since 1998 and even my own personal training clients before that, dating back to 1985 because that’s when this quest and Xperimentation actually started.

Each step in this system will come to your inbox at specific intervals, with links to pages like this, all designed to be short, and the steps manageable. We have lots of great information to guide you through, but giving it to you in steps instead of all at once has proven to be the fastest way to permanent, sustainable success.

Nutrition Revolution Step #1: Drink more water.

Here’s how to figure out how much: Take your body weight in pounds and divide that number by two. Now drink that much water in ounces, every day, spaced as evenly as possible throughout the day. As an example, If you are 200 lbs, you should drink 100 ounces per day. This formula works great for people who are between 100 and 250 pounds, but people below that range might need to drink more than this formula suggests and people above that range can probably get away with drinking less.

Why is hydration so important? Because when you are dehydrated, your kidneys aren’t working right and need help from the liver. Your liver will help out if it has to, but that’s not its main job. It would rather do other jobs it’s better designed for, like the HUNDREDS of metabolic functions it performs. And guess what jobs it puts on hold when it’s busy helping your kidneys? Yep, and that is why your metabolism slows down when you are dehydrated. Plus, your body is about 70% water, so doesn’t it make sense to give it enough of its main ingredient?

Every cell needs water and muscle cells need it most, so if they aren’t getting enough, they can’t tone up and get stronger as fast as possible. When they do tone up, your metabolism increases, so you can see there are numerous reasons beyond just health for drinking your water!

Brain Training Revolution technique #1: 

If you are having trouble with the water step or you are finding it “inconvenient” (like many people do at first), click the video below:

If that didn’t help, click here to read the details behind the statements above.

If that didn’t help, email PJ (pj@xgym.com) so he can recommend specific, customized ideas and suggestions just for you.

Also, you will notice that PJ makes some videos in his car. Why? Because it’s time efficient and that’s what PJ is all about! In fact, saving people time is the main reason why he designed the X Gym’s time-saving Xercise methodology!

Resource Revolution:

Lastly, here are some additional resources always available to you: The Blogs!
1.) PJ’s personal health and fitness blog: beegeandpeege.com

2.) X Gym’s health and fitness blog is right on the xgym.com – just scroll down on the home page to see it or click here.

Revolution Reminder: 

This “course” is intended for X Gym members in order to learn the unique exercise methodology and health principles, but our main goal is to help as many people as possible, so if you know other people who could also be helped with this information, please feel free to forward any or all of these pages or email issues to those individuals.

The advice and guidance given at the X Gym, through emails, newsletters, blogs, and other sources are not meant to replace any advice given by your medical practitioner. All ideas, guidance, and concepts should be confirmed with your medical practitioner to be appropriate for you before implementing or adopting into your lifestyle.