Top 7 Anti-Inflammation Foods

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Inflammation can cause many problems in the body, including slowed weight loss, joint pain, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, tendonitis, general discomfort, bloating, and even major disease to name just a few.

Most people are inflamed most of the time and have even forgotten what it feels like to be “normal” or the way their body should be, if it were healthy. Once that inflammation is gone, it’s like having a new lease on life. Energy skyrockets (and stays consistent), brain fog goes away, most various types of pain disappear, sickness is rare and even chronic disease or major illness goes away forever.

Eating the right foods is the first and most important step. It should be a life commitment too, because falling off the wagon and eating inflammatory foods again, bring back all those horrible symptoms.

I mention this specifically because many people start the anti-inflammation lifestyle and of course, start to feel better. Then, as they move further away from the pain that got them started down this path, they don’t see the need anymore, so they (consciously and subconsciously) let those old habits and foods creep back into their lives, bringing the old symptoms back with a vengeance.

The worst culprits causing inflammation are sugar (in its many forms), starchy foods, trans fats and most processed foods. Genetically modified foods are also highly inflammatory, so the bottom line is to eat organic whenever possible and cut out processed foods as much as possible.

Just eating organic won’t take care of the inflammation problem by itself though. There are plenty of organic foods that are highly inflammatory, so below is a list of my seven favorites. There are of course, more than seven, but just reading this list of seven will give you a good idea of the direction you should be heading and the kind of foods you should be eating.

1.) Green vegetables – mainly because of their powerful antioxidants and flavonoids. Note: When green vegetables are fermented (i.e. sauerkraut), that takes it up another big notch because of their extremely high pro-biotic content, which nourishes certain gut flora that manufacture specific anti-flammation compounds.

2.) Salmon – mainly because of its high omega-3 content, which is the highest anti-inflammatory source of fat on the planet.

3.) Grass fed meat and wild game meat – mainly because of their high omega-3 content and CLA fat, which are the top two anti-inflammatory fats. Conventional red meat however, is HIGHLY inflammatory and even most organic meat is at least mildly inflammatory, so make sure it’s truly 100% grass-fed or wild! Note: Butter made from these animals is also highly anti-inflammatory because of the fats mentioned here.

4.) Avocados – mainly because of their unique type of fat and low fructose levels.

5.) Bone broth – mainly because of its easily absorbable minerals, condroitin and glucosamine. Condroitin and glucosamine can be found in supplement form as well, but they aren’t nearly as effective as getting it from bone broth, which is the most natural source.

6.) Coconut oil – mainly because of its specific type of fat and antioxidants. This is why PJs fitness chocolate is an anti-inflammatory food as well as a potent fat burner!

7.) Certain spices, namely, turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger – mainly because of their ability to break down toxins and boost the immune system, including nourishing specific gut bacteria that release anti-inflammation compounds.