Three Tips To Tummy Transformation

belly-fatIt used to be thought that spot reduction was not possible. I even taught this theory myself, and advised clients that they would be unable to reduce fat in a certain area. I told them that they would just have to settle for wherever their body decided to lose fat, and in what order based on their genetics.

This is still true for the most part, but recent research has discovered that visceral fat, or tummy fat, can indeed be targeted separately from other body parts with certain strategies. There is of course the option of an abdominoplasty if you want a quick fix that is going to ensure you get rid of the specific stubborn areas that have been frustrating you, but if you’d rather have the sense of achievement of having worked it off the hard way, take a look at some of these methods.

1. Flavonoids such as catechins, flavonols, and flavones, have been found to burn off visceral fat over other types of fat. These anti-oxidant like compounds are found in foods like onions, tea, sweet peppers, and dark greens. It’s no coincidence that these foods are also commonly found on the fat fighting recipe page of the X Gym website at

Reference: Hughes, L. A. et al., American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2008 Nov;88(5):1341-1352.

2. High intensity training has been shown to burn visceral fat preferentially through numerous studies over many years. The best, fastest, and safest high intensity training is of course found at the X Gym (, and the studies to back up the claims can be found on my book site under the bibliography link at

3. Reducing your fast carb intake will shrink your visceral fat first over other diet forms such as low-calorie or even low fat strategies. I’m not a huge low-carb diet guy per-se, but I am a slow carb guy for sure! Fast carbs like sugar, pasta, fructose, starches, breads, etc. are converted to fat much faster than other types of carbs. Slow carbs on the other hand, like the kind found in dark green vegetables, actually have a negative fat effect – meaning the more you eat, the leaner you get!

Stick with these three tips to fight fat fast and give yourself a tummy tuck without all the cutting, slicing and sucking of cosmetic surgery! Not that there’s anything wrong with cosmestic surgery. Once you’re done losing the weight, you can look to it to fix issues like loose skin and sagging breasts. In fact, many people ask, “am i a candidate for a breast reduction?” after weight loss as having the extra work done helps rebuild confidence. Remember though, weight loss isn’t just about how you look: You should also know that visceral fat is very dangerous to your health and should be reduced for that reason besides the fact that you will look and feel trimmer.

Visceral fat is a clear sign of an inflammation cycle that can seriously shorten your lifespan, not to mention just get in the way of a good quality of life. Oxford University experts recently discovered that obesity is as hazardous to your health as a lifetime of smoking, and can reduce your life expectancy by 10 years or more. Even being moderately overweight can aggravate this inflammation cycle and cut your lifespan by 3 years!

Vitamin C has been show to help reduce the inflammation cycle and guess where you can find even more of this potent nutrient than your favorite fruit? Yep – dark green veggies! Chock up another one for this powerfood!

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