Think Thin to Get Thin (part two)

Thinking ManIf someone could safely brainwash your subconscious brain and reset your mind’s eye so you thought like a thin person and therefore became one for the rest of your life, would you do it? Most would jump at the chance. Some wouldn’t though, unless they trusted that person unconditionally, so how about if that someone was you?

Forming a new mind’s eye will help you break the old patterns and once that happens, willpower isn’t even needed anymore. You will think like that new person and will act differently as your old patterns are a thing of the past and new patterns control you. Sounds great, huh? So how do you brainwash your mind’s eye and form a new identity in your subconscious? All you need is commitment and consistency to follow the next 7 steps.

1.) Link pleasure to your goal. You have probably already found enough discomfort with your present state to make you want to change, but people can learn to live with discomfort, so while it might be a good catalyst to get you started, it’s never an effective long-term strategy for success.  If you imagine enough pleasure to link to your “after” picture however, you will be motivated towards long term results.

Since pleasure is the only long term motivator, you will need to focus on this aspect. Do this by writing down a list of good feelings you will have when you achieve your “after” picture. Look at this list daily and feel the pleasure in the present tense, as if your after after picture has already happened. This only takes a minute or two to be effective!

2.) Compose a proclamation and say it at least 3 times a day. Become obsessed with it. Post it in places you will notice it. Write it on your window or mirror with dry erase markers, place post it notes in strategic places, etc. Get weird about it, and when you recite your proclamation, say it with emotion for full effectiveness.

Your subconscious brain will hear messages most clearly when emotion is applied. If you find it hard to muster up emotion with your proclamation, or even if you don’t believe what you are saying, you can fake it and it will still work. Just be an actor. Your subconscious brain is easily fooled and doesn’t know that you are acting, so it will hear it just as well.

Your subconscious brain will always go with the majority of the messages it hears, especially the messages that are linked to emotions, so make your proclamation the majority message and your subconscious brain will buy into them even if your conscious brain isn’t convinced!

My proclamation is, “Every day and in every way I’m getting stronger and wiser.” I say this at least 11 times, emphasizing a different word each time. Sometimes I restate it a few times emphasizing the word “stronger,” because that has many different meanings to me (i.e. physical, endurance, power, will, spiritual, etc.).

You can create emotion to some extent by simply involving your physiology, so even if you don’t feel your proclamation is “just right” yet, you can still make it work over time by saying it emphatically with a focused posture, while looking in the mirror at yourself with utter intensity. You may feel silly at first, but do it anyway. Even if you do feel silly, wouldn’t you rather feel silly and be successful, than feel comfortable and fail again? I sure would!

It is important to know however, that this and other exercises might be difficult to perform. Your brain might tell you things like, “This one just doesn’t sound right” or you might put it off until you have formed “just the right proclamation.” That is your established neural networks trying to sabotage you. They know how effective this technique is, because you have been using it all your life already, but just in a negative way. These networks don’t want to die off, so they will resist your efforts. Expect this resistance and when it happens, recognize it as a sign that you are winning the battle and push on to win. These old networks are dying off and are simply fighting for their survival. Just press forward and finish them off! Once you do, you will look back on those times and wonder how you ever even thought that way!

I’m living proof of this principle. So is Taz and many others. I was a Doritos freak in high school. I could eat a family size bag in one sitting! When I got to college, my main addiction was those soft candy orange slices, made from high fructose corn syrup and coated with granulated sugar. I would buy the Costco size bucket and pound through one of those in just a couple days! Now my cravings for things like spinach and bell peppers are even stronger than my past cravings were for Doritos and sugar. I couldn’t imagine eating a single Dorito or candy orange slice today. It still blows me away how much my brain has changed! This can be you too, with just a little consistency of these 7 easy steps.

To be continued in part three…

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