You don’t have to give up some of your favorite foods to get lean and fit! Here at the X Gym , we have found substitutions for you so your lifestyle can continue with minimal changes.


  • Yogurt: Trader Joe’s Plain Greek yogurt (or Chobani, Fage or Oikos) with a dozen organic blueberries and a few drops or liquid Stevia or Xylitol tastes just like full sugar Yoplait, but is way better for you and loaded with protein!
  • Chocolate bars: Yep, that’s right – you can have chocolate! If you are willing to make it yourself, that’s the best case scenario, so just follow the recipe on this website. If you must buy chocolate, these great bars have high protein, are organic and they are made from milk products coming from truly clean cows.  http://shop.mercola.com/-Whey_Bar__Chocolate__2_oz___1_bar-P1609.aspx
  • Noodles: Check out miraclenoodle.com to get back on the pasta wagon without the guilt or expanding your waistline!
  • Think you have to live without jam? Think again! This website also has many other amazing sugar free products: http://www.natureshollow.com/index.html
  • This peanut flour (just add water to make peanut butter) is a great substitute for peanut butter: http://fitnutzbutter.com/products.html. Make sure to get the sugar free version.
  • Ranch dressing rocks: http://www.followyourheart.com/products.php?id=12. PCC and Whole Foods carry it as well.
  • Instead of Mayo, try this: http://www.followyourheart.com/products.php?id=20. Lots of stores around here carry it.
  • Trade in rice for cauliflower. Have you ever tried this? You can finely chop or “pulse” fresh cauliflower in a food processor and it will resemble rice. Then you can steam or sauté it and enjoy it just like you would any kind of rice. You can also order “Miracle Rice” from miraclenoodle.com.
  • Swap spaghetti for zucchini. Use a vegetable peeler and you can make zucchini resemble spaghetti noodles. Heat the strips in a skillet with olive oil and you’ll have a fresh pasta replacement that gives you a huge boost of vitamins A and C, and is a great source of potassium.
  • Out with vegetable oil, in with avocado. Puree the avocados and use them as a replacement for those man-made oils. It might shade things a bit green, but you’ll get rid of all the harmful processed vegetable fats and give yourself a big health boost. Coconut oil is the best oil for cooking and will also help you burn more fat than any other type of fat.
  • Bread: The best idea is to simply steer clear of all bread, because even the cleanest organic wheat from Europe is still tough on your digestive system since all breads on our planet have been modified so much in the last 50 years. The wheat of the Bible times is completely extinct now unfortunately. Therefore, we are just plain better off cutting it out and going gluten-free. If you must have bread, then you must also be willing to put up with slower fat loss results and probable digestive issues. The best macronutrient numbers I can find of any bread currently on the market is this one:  http://daveskillerbread.com/breads/powerseed.html
  • More soon so check back here often!