Here’s Sue, at 70 years young!

“I was totally blown away by this workout. I have done everything Pilate’s, yoga, Aquarobics (for 20 years), Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred, etc. etc. but the staff at this place really know their business. You get a fantastic workout where your muscles are burning and you walk away feeling like you have had one of the best workouts you have ever had in your life. I wanted stronger upper body strength for water skiing and they quickly put together an incredible regime. After leaving I felt I could hop in the water and go for it right away. In fact it made me excited for the season to come.

You will find it one of the best investments in your body you will ever make. The staff push you to excel but in a way that you don’t even realize you are being pushed and you are then able to complete the exercises with a total feeling of accomplishment. I walked out and wanted to yell to the world – this is the place where you all need to come as they really do fitness right. No gimmicks, no tricks just a great way of doing reps that actually works for you. A friend of mine introduced me to this place and she is in great shape with incredible strength. I highly recommend X Gym . It is simply put the best of the best!!”