Xtra Bonus Lesson

Xfactor Xplanation: Nerve Training.

You have probably noticed the steep learning curve for your muscles and your brain when a new routine starts. This is on purpose because your X Gym system isn’t just about your body. It’s about your brain too. We have even had members with Alzheimer’s, MS and Parkinson’s train with us, specifically because of the superior nerve training results.

This nerve training (NT) is another important benefit from training at X Gym, that other trainers and gyms don’t offer. In fact, they aren’t even talking about it because it’s not even on their radar yet!

Members of the X Gym frequently comment on how they notice this unique NT phenomenon through coordination and performance improvements in sports ranging from golf, to skiing, to soccer and more.

X Gym NT is also one of the main reasons our members get so strong, without getting bigger. Nerves are more than half your strength because as your nervous system gets better at talking to your muscles, they cooperate better with other nerves nearby and recruit them more efficiently to help out.

Your brain also gets better at “rallying the troops” and can call more motor units online to contribute to a movement, whether it is for movement precision or muscle strength, both inside the X Gym workout and outside with other activities.

Here’s a video with more on this unique subject of NT:

Nutrition Revolution: Make More Fitness Chocolate!

How are the nutrition steps going so far? If you are like most, you are struggling with some and finding others easier. Just keep at it and you will succeed! Most people have the most trouble with the sugar and/or grain reduction step. This might take some time to really get it down, both mentally and physically, so have patience and simply strive to get a little better every day. Remember that progress is your benchmark – not perfection. This is for LIFE, so keep focused on making PERMANENT changes and go at your own pace.

You may also have some “bad” days when you take some steps backward, so be sure to forgive yourself immediately. NEVER beat yourself up over it, and ALWAYS get back on track ASAP. There are no “bad” days – just “human” days.

Having plenty of Fitness Chocolate on hand to eat when you get sugar, sweets, or carb cravings will be HUGE. You can also Xperiment with different flavors, varieties and make your own concoctions with essential oils, spices, and other sugar and starch-free flavorings once you get the basic recipe down pat.

Brain Training Revolution: The 7 Minute Rule.

Use this handy technique for busting cravings and increasing your “Won’t Power”:

If this step didn’t help, just email PJ for more customized ideas, based on your individual challenges and goals through pj@xgym.com.

Resource Revolution:

If you go this far and are still reading, then you are an official graduate of X Gym University! Congratulations! Keep reviewing all the steps and getting better at them, building them into your life for permanent change. If you would like to go on to more advanced studies, with more tips tricks and hacks, just click here to email PJ and let him know you would like to to be enrolled in the “Masters Course,” where you will continue to receive emails and lessons like these, on a whole new level, for no additional charge, as long as you are an app member or X Gym member!

Revolution Reminder: 

This “course” is intended for X Gym members and app users in order to learn the unique Xercise methodology and health principles, but our main goal is to help as many people as possible, so if you know other people who could also be helped with this information, please feel free to forward any or all of these pages or email issues to those individuals.

The advice and guidance given at the X Gym, through emails, newsletters, blogs, and other sources are not meant to replace any advice given by your medical practitioner. All ideas, guidance, and concepts should be confirmed with your medical practitioner to be appropriate for you before implementing or adopting anything new into your lifestyle.