Step Five

It’s now time to congratulate yourself on making it through your first month as an X Gymer!

By now it must be quite clear that the X Gym system is more than just a unique Xercise methodology. It’s a health and fitness revolution, based on the latest health, fitness, nutrition, and brain science. We are so glad to have you as a tribe member participating in this revolution with us. We will continue to take care of you and provide you with the best and most permanent results in the health and fitness industry.

Xfactor Xplanation: Xercise is the best “Keystone” habit.

Just showing up for your workout is the most important step because that action makes all the other steps easier. People who engage in regular and scheduled exercise make healthier choices in their lives. That’s why research has shown that exercise is the best “Keystone” habit because it creates chemical and hormonal changes in the body that make other healthy habits easier to start and maintain. See the video below for more details on that topic.

Now it’s easy to see why making your workouts a priority is such a huge step in your journey towards health and fitness.

Partial commitment to Xercise gets you partial results – not just with your fitness, but also with other healthy choices  BUT unfortunately, it’s not proportional. Here’s how it really works:

  • 70% commitment to X Gym Xercise, principles, and nutrition steps will get you about 30% of the results you are after.
  • 80% commitment gets you about 5o% of the results you want.
  • 90% commitment gets you about 70% of the results you want.
  • But 100% commitment gets you about 110% of the results you desire!

If you were to graph your commitment to results ratio, it would look something like this:

results ratio

Now you can more easily gauge your Xpectations for progress based on how fast you want to Xperience results with the X Gym system. As you can see from the chart above, the closer you stick to the advice and guidance provided, the faster you will get to your goals. It’s practically Xponential!

Nutrition Revolution Step: Eat quality protein.

If you have mastered the previous nutrition steps and are still doing them, then you are ready for this step. Otherwise, keep chipping away at those previous steps as diligently as you can.

Why protein? Because muscles need it to get stronger, more toned and defined! It’s also a high-metabolic food, so it will help you burn body fat. Plus, it will help fill you up and that fullness lasts longer than carbs.

To figure out how much protein is enough, just use the following scale based on your body weight.

  • Under 100 pounds: eat 70 -100 grams per day.
  • 100 – 150 pounds: 90 -110 grams per day.
  • 150 – 200 pounds: 100 -150 grams per day.
  • Over 200 pounds: 150-200 grams per day.

“Quality protein” means clean, organic or grass-fed sources. If you are eating vegetable protein, make sure it’s organic. If you are eating animal protein, organic is also a must. The only exception is if the source is 100% grass-fed. Sometimes that source isn’t organic certified, but that’s OK, as long as it’s certified 100% grass-fed. Wild meat is also considered grass-fed.

Another great “quality protein” source is my Fitness Chocolate recipe found here:

This recipe uses protein powders that are clean, absorbable and Xtremely digestible by the body. Fitness Chocolate is also a great fat-burning food. See the video below on how to make it yourself at home. It’s Xtra quick and easy!

Brain Training Revolution: Proclamations

Here’s another easy brain training hack: Before your workout, say “I am Xcited!” Then after your workout, say, “Strong work _______!” (insert your name)

Why? The largest and most influential part of your brain – the subconscious – doesn’t know the difference between pretending and reality, so when you say things, especially out loud and with emotion (even contrived), your subconscious brain thinks you mean it and will then act on it.

When you say, “I am Xcited” before your workout, your subconscious thinks you actually are. Then it delivers more energy to you, along with a positive “can-do” attitude that helps you put more into your workout, which will, of course, help you get more out of it.

When you say, “Strong work _________” after your workout, you reinforce and reward your pleasure centers as well as drive the message home to your subconscious that what you did is something you want more of later. This helps you form the routines and habits that last, and rewires your brain for permanent results. It’s even better to assume a power posture (like both hands up in a victory pose, or fists on your waist) when you say it.

Saying these two things might seem corny to you, but they aren’t to the subconscious parts of your brain. Remember that your subconscious operates at about the level of a three-year-old and it is also in charge of you, whether you want it to be or not, so you might as well program it to work for you, instead of against you, with easy and quick techniques like this.

If this tip didn’t help, just email PJ for more customized ideas, based on your individual challenges and goals through

Resource Revolution:

Here is another resource for you to look into for more inspiration, tips, and content: The X Gym’s Instagram account! 

Revolution Reminder:

This “course” is intended for X Gym members and app users in order to learn the unique Xercise methodology and health principles, but our main goal is to help as many people as possible, so if you know other people who could also be helped with this information, please feel free to forward any or all of these pages or email issues to those individuals.

The advice and guidance given at the X Gym, through emails, newsletters, blogs, and other sources are not meant to replace any advice given by your medical practitioner. All ideas, guidance, and concepts should be confirmed with your medical practitioner to be appropriate for you before implementing or adopting anything new into your lifestyle.