Ryan Glassey

Hometown- Whittier, CA

  • Personal Training Certifications- American Council on Exercise
  • Additional Training, Certifications, and Education- Finishing BS in Kinesiology, A.C.E. FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialty), National Safety Council Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), American Heart Association CPR & AED

How long have you worked at X Gym? Since 2013

Why do you love training clients? I love training clients here at the X Gym because it gives me the opportunity to invest in their lives by helping them realize their goals.

Why did you choose to work for X Gym? I choose to work here at the X Gym because I strongly believe in what we’re doing here.  The X Gym methods and protocols are the most efficient and effective I’ve ever seen in the fitness industry to date, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to work alongside such passionate (and competent) trainers here at the X Gym.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: Not only am I a trainer, but I am the nephew of our Founder, PJ Glassey, so I have witnessed his journey and have been a part of it for as long as I can remember. I also have a passion for firearms, and I believe in learning to use them safely in controlled environment. Kind of like fitness, if used properly it can be a great and rewarding experience.

Email Ryan through: Ryan@xgym.com

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