Deb lost 22 lbs, untold inches and traded fat for muscle!

How did she do it?

  • Exercised with X Gym protocols.
  • Drank plenty of water each day.
  • Ate a nutritious, well balanced diet prescribed by the X Gym .

Deb is an X Gym graduate who continued to enjoy improvement and progress after she left through the skills and methods she learned from us. All our clients are trained as students so they can maintain results and continue on
their own FOR LIFE (see bottom of page for her testimonial).

Individual results vary, but everyone experiences success at the X Gym .

Debbie’s testimonial:
March 2, 2003

11 months ago I had decided that I was tired of being overweight and out of shape. I wanted to look good, I wanted more energy and I wanted to stop a lifetime cycle of yo-yo weight loss and dieting.

11 months later I am a changed person but not just on the outside as my before and after photos show. What the X-Gym did for me was something I never expected. I feel stronger physically and emotionally, better than I have ever felt. I recently made some major changes in my life and my renewed confidence helped me make these changes. Getting fit and looking better now seem like side benefits. The real gift is how I feel about myself and how I’m living my life to the fullest. In addition, exercise is not something I dread but something I can’t live without. Before I was intimidated by physical activities, now I’m planning my leisure time around physical activities.

Just today I completed the Big Climb for Leukemia climbing 69 floors of the Bank of America Building. I’ve signed up for a rock climbing class in April. This spring and summer I plan to hike, white water raft, in-line skate, and possibly row or sail. I’ve re-discovered and redefining who I am. The support and education I received from Sharmon through the X-Gym made this possible. Although I didn’t know it, 11 months ago when I walked into the X-Gym, was the beginning of my new life.