Quarantine and Immune Health

Do you remember when Quarantines were only used for sick people?

It’s actually really easy to remember because that was ALWAYS until now.

This is the first time in the history of our nation that a “quarantine” (AKA “Shelter in Place”) has been used for both sick people and well people.

That makes this a big huge experiment, albeit a super lame one, that is horribly controlled, so it’s far from scientific, which means both sides will be able to claim a victory.

What do I mean by that? Well, you’ll see. Here’s how I see it playing out (and if you’d rather watch this post than read it, scroll down to see the video):

One side of the spectrum will be claiming this quarantine saved us all and had we not done this unprecedented lockdown, millions upon millions of people would have died, and the virus would have continued to wreak havoc on the world for decades to come.

The other extreme side will say the lockdown had absolutely no effect on the infection or death rates and, in fact, the countries and states who didn’t close down proved that point by fairing as well or better than those who did.

Then there will be lots of people in the middle, adjusting toward one side or the other, based on what they believe to be true and then repeating that narrative based on their ingrained biases and agendas.

The bottom line is no one will really know. No one will be able to prove anything because no one can see into the future or even guess what might have been if things were done differently.

But one thing I do know is the effect of this lockdown will certainly have negative effects on our immune systems and can have disastrous results on infection rates of all kinds if certain steps aren’t taken to prevent it.

Here’s how you can prepare for the reopening of the country and strengthen your immune system ahead of that event, so you don’t catch every little cold, flu, bacteria, and other bugs that come in contact with you.

First, let’s be clear that everyone gets sick, and there’s no way to avoid every bug. There are people though, who get sick more than others, and some (like me) who get sick so rarely, we forget the last time that even was!

Here’s how to move further over to the side of the people who rarely get sick and CERTAINLY are more resistant to the COVID-19 because of their stronger immune systems.

The strength of anyone’s immune system lies mostly in their gut flora balance and diversity. In fact, over 70% of you’re immune system strength is directly attributable to the health and status of your gut flora.

Those little internal buggers protect you from the outside buggers in a myriad of ways, ranging from killing off those bad bugs themselves to communicating with your other lines of defenses in your body to help kill them there.

The best way to have an optimized gut flora is to feed them with the right nutrients and tools to be as healthy, balanced, and diverse as possible. If you help them, they are able to help you.

When you eat real, organic food, your gut flora thrives on the fiber (soluble and insoluble), vitamins, and minerals. Real (and especially organic) food is the best source for all this.

Non-organic food often has pesticides, fertilizers, and genetically modified components that kill off your good gut microbes, throwing off the balance, and slashing the diversity. Additionally, some respected scientists are finding the Coronavirus mechanism involves an “unmasking” of environmental toxins such as glyphosate, found in many non-organic foods, drastically amplifying its toxic effects inside the body on a cellular level, exacerbating the complications related to Coronavirus.

There’s something even worse than non-organic food though. Guess what that is? Yep – processed food. If you are eating most of your food out of bags and boxes, you’re decimating your gut flora and your immune system.

It just so happens that’s what most people are eating now in this lockdown, so they are setting themselves up to catch lots of nasty bugs when they get back out of their homes.

Another huge way we get and maintain a strong immune system is through constant exposure to microbes. When we are consistently coming into contact with viruses and bacteria, we are building and strengthening our immune system. We do this by shaking hands (and sharing microbes), playing in the dirt, hugging people, kissing, talking and laughing within 6 feet of each other, etc. – everything we are avoiding right now – so that’s another way we are decimating our immune system and setting it up for failure.

We are also acting like OCD people with all the incessant handwashing, hand sanitizers, spraying, wiping, disinfecting every surface, masks, gloves, and more, all contributing to preventing the natural and healthy exposure of the TRILLIONS of microbes we need to be in contact with, in order to try to avoid the ONE bug we are so fearful of right now.

If that worked, then clean-freak OCD people wouldn’t get sick more frequently than their “dirtier” friends but they do. They get sick way more often, in fact, because they are so focused on staying clean and sterile, they don’t get the exposure necessary for proper immunity. This, of course, feeds their OCD, which makes them try to be even cleaner, which then perpetuates the problem, sometimes resulting in the “Howard Huges syndrome,” along with Munchausen, and more.

When we are cooped up inside and out of the sunshine, we rapidly become deficient in Vitamin D, which drastically weakens our immune system. Some health and medical experts even believe Vitamin D should be reclassified as a hormone because it’s so much more powerful than other vitamins – especially with its effect on our immune health.

Since we are inside, out of the sun, and moving much less than we usually do, our hydration habits are also most likely suffering, as our thirst mechanisms are sending us fewer signals. Viruses and bacteria LOVE a dry host and HATE hydrated hosts because those people are stronger, more energetic, have healthier organs, happier gut flora, and the list goes on and on.

I really could go on with hundreds more reasons, discussing immune effects like attitude, mood, lack of physical activity, grounding, blue light, screen time, and so much more, but that would turn into an entire book. The point is, we are doing the exact opposite of what we should be doing to build and maintain a healthy immune system to be ready to come out of this lockdown and resume our lives.

So what do we do then? Here are my top 7 suggestions to start with, based on what I’ve learned about the human body as a biohacker and health researcher over the last 34 years:

1.) Drink 2-4 quarts of clean, filtered water per day. Here’s a “ballpark” way to figure out how much you should have: Take your body weight in pounds, divide that by two, and drink that many ounces each day, spread throughout the day as much as possible. This general formula works great for people who weigh between 100 and 250 lbs. but some may need a bit more or less depending on climate, habits, activity, sweating rate, etc.

2.) Eat organic real food, prepared in your own kitchen, with your own hands.

3.) Stay away from processed food, artificial ingredients, and especially sugar because that can really hurt your internal buggers. If your food has a label on it, treat that as a warning label, and the longer it is, the more urgent the warning!

4.) Exercise! This can be through the X Gym online training, the X Gym app, running, biking, hiking, dancing (learn a new move on TicTok), or anything else that gets you breathing hard.

5.) Get out in the sun and/or take a vitamin D3 supplement.

6.) Eat fermented foods like kimchi, or sauerkraut, or kefir, or all of those, as I do. These foods are packed with probiotics – another word for the “good buggers” I’m been talking about and will help balance and populate your gut flora.

7.) Get outside and roll in the grass, plant some stuff with your bare hands, play with some earthworms, walk on the beach in your bare feet, dig in the sand with your hands, etc., and then rub your face with those grimy hands!

Again, I could go on and on, but I wanted to keep this post as easy and short as possible, so people will actually do it.

How many of these 7 things are you doing now? Give yourself a pat on the back for each one and then add the others, one at a time, but don’t wait too long because we are about to come out!

I predicted the lockdown weight gain the week politicians started talking about the concept, and I was right. I sounded the bell, made Youtube videos, told my newsletter subscribers, gave everyone ideas to percent it, started my current NEAT contest, and did everything I could to let people know.

Now I’m predicting this, and I’ve got a great record of being right about health and fitness stuff, so please listen and start action NOW, or you will be really sorry, sick, and miserable on the other side of this.

Our current “quarantine quandary,” as I call it, is more than just weight gain. It’s going to get way worse if people don’t become aware of the current “set-up” and start taking drastic measures to protect themselves from the coming waves of infections and illness due to this unforeseen coming crisis, that no one seems to be talking about.


P.S. I must include some personal observations related to that last sentence because the fact that no one is talking about this immune issue makes me wonder about another layer to all this, so if you want to go on a little tangent with me, then read on.

I’ve got to say this is really weird. It’s almost like “they” want another spike to happen. If they didn’t, they would be discussing this issue, offering similar suggestions to what I’m giving, so people would be healthy and strong coming out of this lockdown, ready to fight off a “resurgence” of COVID. But then again, the “numbers” they are reporting (or engineering) indicate possible ulterior motives.

Another indication is the issue of relaxed death certificate guidelines, which now include “suspected” COVID cases to be counted, even without a test to validate that diagnosis.

The new guidelines also allow those who die WITH COVID, but not only FROM COVID, to be counted in the number of COVID deaths.

Then there is the issue of bonuses paid to hospitals for COVID cases, so considering all this, it is quite clear that we won’t ever really know the true number – especially with another “spike,” on top of it all, engineered or not.

I don’t know the real truth and I don’t expect any of us “normal people” ever will, but it certainly is one of those things that makes this “normal person” go, “hmmm…”


Below are some facts about my above P.S., which might make me sound like a conspiracy theorist, without evidence behind them, which you can also find and confirm for yourself:

It is an easily verifiable fact that Medicare has determined if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital, that hospital will get paid $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, you get $39,000 (or more if they stay on it longer than average).

On top of that, the government will pay more to hospitals for COVID-19 cases in two ways: 1.) By paying an additional 20% on top of above listed traditional Medicare rates for COVID-19 patients, and 2.) By reimbursing hospitals for treating the uninsured patients with the disease (at that enhanced Medicare rate).

The CARES Act further created a $100 billion fund that is being used to financially assist hospitals — a “portion” of which will be “used to reimburse healthcare providers, at Medicare rates, for COVID-related treatment of the uninsured.”

The CDC guidance directs medical professionals to report deaths in which the patient tested positive for COVID-19, of course, and that certainly makes sense.

BUT medical professionals are also to report it as a COVID-19 death even if a test isn’t available, as long as “the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty.” Now we are getting really subjective and as we all know, subjectivity is easily pressured and pushed one way or the other, as in the case of bonus rewards…

CDC guidance further instructs that if a “definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely, it is acceptable to report COVID-19 on a death certificate as ‘probable’ or ‘presumed,’” in the top section of the death certificate, effectively classifying COVID as the primary cause of death (since that is what the top section is for). Then the other co-morbidities are to be listed in the second section, even if they were likely the actual primary cause of death.

This creates death counts that appear to be FROM COVID, instead of an accurate description of death WITH COVID, in the cases where people actually died from another co-morbidity, but also happened to have COVID, either through a positive test or suspected COVID.

In some situations, patients are declared to have died FROM COVID even after a test result came back negative. One such example is a Minnesota man who was recorded as a COVID-19 death, even though he tested negative for COVID-19. The man’s mother told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that doctors determined the test result was likely a false negative.

Yes, it’s true that Medicare payments for similar treatments of other morbidities are comparable (minus the 20% bonus), but it’s certainly easier to record it as COVID because that diagnosis is not followed up on by local and federal authorities (also clearly stated in the CDC guidelines). That makes it an “easy bagger,” and guaranteed Medicare payment, plus the 20% bonus, with no follow-up or accountability.

Now, with hospitals being desperate, and on the verge of bankruptcy because they were cleared out to make room for the rush of pandemic victims that never materialized, it’s just one more thing that makes you go, “hmmm….”

See below for the video of this big long post.

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