Build Your Own DIY Home Gym for Under $40!

Here’s how you can build your own home gym, from things you can get at a hardware store, for about $35.

If you have heard of TRX, you have also probably heard of suspension training, where you have about 300 exercise options, using your own bodyweight.

We have TRX to thank for the suspension training movement, but like most things, stuff evolves. This post is about an evolution in suspension training equipment I call the “UpLifter.”

Below is the video on how to build your own suspension trainer, for much less expense than buying a TRX system. Plus, it also works better and faster. Like I said, it’s an evolution.

Now here is the list of parts available at any large hardware store.

I went to Harbor Freight for the first four parts because it’s the least expensive, and then to Home Depot to pick up the last two parts, as I couldn’t get them at Harbor Freight, but all of these items can be found at Home Depot (or most other hardware stores) if you’d rather just go to one place.

Here is the shopping list with links to the exact items online:

Two jumbo hooks:

3/8 inch poly rope:

1/4 inch poly rope (to make the prusik knot):

If you’d rather pay Xtra to order a premade prusik rope so you don’t have to do that knot step with the 1/4 rope above, here’s a good one on Amazon:

Hanging straps (2 pack):

Lashing straps (2 pack):

Two elbow pipes:

You will have lots of left-over rope and an extra lashing strap to use for camping, prepping, lassoing tiny pigmy bulls, or for making more UpLifters for your friends!

And here’s the follow-up video to answer some questions y’all had:

Now Google TRX exercises to see the multitude of exercises you can do at home!

And also check out the X Gym Youtube channel for ideas, plus our Xercise App for tons more options to do at home with some other innovative gizmos or just your own body!