No Time to Cook?

No Time to Cook

OK, I get it. You either really don’t have time to prepare your own food (and there really are some people like that, especially at X Gym), or you aren’t ready to start that committed relationship with your kitchen (which would be my first choice for you, as I pointed out in this post). Well, I now have good news for you. I’ve finally found a healthy, organic meal delivery company that creates meals within PJ-approved nutrition parameters!

I decided to try them out and I’m excited to report they are legit. I had a long conversation with the owners on the phone too and they are my kind of peeps, who really do just want to help as many people as possible.

Here’s why I love Trifecta – besides the fact that it’s organic and comes in the right macro ratios:

  • It’s delivered to my door, in a cooler box, fully cooked, seasoned and ready to eat. I just heat it and eat it.
  • Average price is only about $14 per meal. I’d pay at least twice that in an organic restaurant.
  • It saves me tons of time and time is money! Sure, I could get the ingredients myself for about $10 bucks to make a meal like this at home, but when I factor in the time for grocery shopping, meal prep and clean up, this is a bargain.
  • It tastes great. The food combinations and seasonings they choose are fantastic. It’s tastier than I would make, just cooking for myself.
  • Great packaging, so it will be easy to take these meals traveling too, in my special cooler bag that fits in my suitcase.

Just click the link here to order yourself. I go with the Paleo meal plans, so just scroll down the page to find that option. I also chose with the 1 meal per day plan because I make my smoothie in the morning, then I eat Fitness Chocolate through the middle of the day and then I have a Trifecta meal for dinner. I also eat broiled broccoli (dipped in melted garlic butter) 3-4 times per week, for lunch or a bed time snack.

They have 1-4 meals per day plans, so just choose what fits your schedule, but I would recommend making at least 4 meals a week yourself, in your kitchen, onnaccounta that’s good for you. Click here for the post on that subject.

So if you are hurting for time, or need to work into that kitchen romance slowly, “Try” Trifecta! The sooner you start, the sooner you get that healthy body you want!