NEAT contest

This challenge/contest is Xtremely N.E.A.T. indeed! It will help you learn how much of a difference Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis makes on your metabolism.

You will also develop an awareness of your own daily movement patterns and habits, which can change your life permanently.

Most people don’t realize how much this current “shelter in place” order has affected their activity level. Sure, it’s harder to exercise and we are doing what we can to help people with that by providing time-saving Xercise online through one-on-one personal training, Zoom class group training, our Xercise app, and even free workout ideas and routines through our home workout page and YouTube channel.

But it’s not all about exercise. Another HUGE effect on our metabolism is the gigantic drop in other daily activity and movement due to being shut in at home. This contest is designed to help with that by providing ideas and motivation to get your NEAT back, even while shuttered at home.

How to get started you ask? Just fill out this form and at the end, you will get access to the NEAT SHEET with activity ideas and the points associated with doing them.

We will also be using the X Gym Facebook page to share, encourage, get inspired, and coached by others, including PJ. Just “like” it to get in on that!

Note: you will find that the NEAT SHEET is a Google Doc, but don’t worry if you don’t have a Gmail email or Google account. You can still get it quickly by forming a Google account (even without getting a Gmail address) with this link:

Simply open it, then click File, then Make a Copy, then save it with a new name you choose. Then you will be able to enter your stats and edits.

The reason it’s a Google sheet is because it will be improving and evolving through its contest, thanks to your help and input along the way if you so desire because you can submit ideas of your own!

If you have a suggestion of something to add, just email for consideration of your idea. If yours is adopted (and can be used by lots of people easily), you get points for that too!

This contest starts NOW and runs until the Washington State “shelter in place” order is lifted. Winners will be announced one week later.

You can sign up at any time, but obviously, the sooner the better, so you can start earning points!

There will be a Male and Female winner. Each will receive one month of 1:1 personal training, either online, or at our Eastside X Gym, but that’s not all!

Each winner will also receive:

  • A whole POUND of PJ’s homemade fitness chocolate.
  • Free access to PJ’s Brain Type Test.
  • Free access to PJ’s new Habits Course (to be completed in May).
  • Free copy of PJ’s new book rewrite in PDF form (also to be completed in May).

The top 21 point earners also get a free contest T-shirt (soon to be announced and displayed).

Isn’t that NEAT?

Now simply CLICK HERE to get started with the entry form (or copy and paste this link: