Home workout page

Hey X Gymers! Here is the home workout page!

Remember how important getting your daily dose of Vitamin X is to your immune health! Scroll to the bottom of this page to learn more about that.

Important Note: This page contains videos of Xtreme workouts and Xamples of Xercises we do at X Gym, to Xplain what we do and to showcase our unique methodology.

Since we can’t see you or coach you live, as we do with our online training members, we aren’t recommending you do any of the routines on this page.

If you want to take responsibility for your own health and safety and follow along, you can make that choice and we can’t stop you.

Like any other public domain video on the internet or Youtube, we assume no liability for injury, or a long, drawn-out agonizing death, so proceed at your own risk. Or just watch from the couch, because that’s safe, and better than watching all the garbage on TV anyway.

The X Gym style isn’t for everyone. We are an Xclusive bunch. If you do like how these freebie workouts look though, you might be a candidate for our online training or Xercise App

Here is the Xplanation of our “secret sauce” principles and why our members get such Xtreme results in only 21 minutes, twice a week.

Here is how X Gymers get progressively stronger without using the old-school “progressive overload” principle.

Here is an Xample of a home-based workout, needing only a chair and a towel!

Here is an Xample of a home-based Xardio (aka cardio) workout, needing no equipment whatsoever!

Here is an Xample of a home-based PARTNER workout using a towel.

Here’s a home gym you can make yourself, for under $40, using things you can get at your local hardware store:

And click here for the follow-up video, Xplaining some frequently asked questions.

Let us help you get your Vitamin X! As Xplained in the Vitamin X video below, Xercise is VITAL to your immune system and is said by many experts to be the single most important thing you can do for immune support!

X Gym offers several Xcellent options to keep your Xercise going. Whether you are a member of our Kirkland club, an member somewhere else in the world, or an X Gym Xercise App subscriber, there’s something for everyone, everywhere!