X Gym’s Xtreme Military Challenge

Xtreme Military Challenge

Who: All Kirkland X Gymers!

What: It’s a medley of 4 Xertion events, with rests in between, for a total of about 17 minutes.

When: Perform the test anytime between August 7th, 2022, and August 21st to get involved!

Where: At the Kirkland X Gym.

Why: To see how you stack up against the US Military, according to your age group tables, posted on the wall inside the Kirkland X Gym, and earn XbuX to apply toward your membership or X Gym schwag for working out!

How: Book the test with PJ and show up! Then if you want to train with the Xercises, you get to earn 1 XbuX per exercise, up to 7 per session, until October 14th!

Rules: Do the test between the dates above. Then if you like those events, incorporate some or all of them into your workout to earn 1 XbuX per exercise until October 21st.

Bonus: The winners of the testing (1 male and 1 female) get 21 Xbux and all the fame of being winners!

Here’s the video demo of the events: