Mary Melcher

Hometown:  Currently overlanding in the wilds of Africa

Personal Training Certification: X Gym Certified; Certified Co-Active Professional Coach

How long have you worked at X Gym? Since January 2023

Why do you love training clients? I love helping my clients push themselves physically and mentally using the X Gym methods to reach their goals. In addition, I especially love hearing how their success in the gym shows up in their daily lives, from winning competitions to completing challenging daily activities.

Why did you choose to work for X Gym?  I actually started as a member at X Gym and got such great results, I wanted to become a trainer to help others, not just at X Gym, which is did, but as an adventure traveler, which I’m doing now with my husband in Africa. If you too are living on the road or frequently traveling, and want to know more about utilizing the methods and other tools offered by the X Gym, please contact me on WhatsApp at 307-899-7788.